Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate that Correct & Prevent the Appearance of Dark Spots

Launched in year 2013, Melvita Nectar Bright range is expanding to cater the brightening needs of all of our skin area. From the initial 4 products (Read more details on it at my previous blogpost) to the eye contour serum last year (Read more details on it at my previous blog post), this May they have launched the latest product - Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate, a targeted action serum that combines the properties of 5 white flowers complex, together with a brown algae Ascophyllum Nodosum extract, to CORRECT existing dark spots, PREVENT future appearance of dark spots and PROTECT the skin against endogenous and exogenous stress. Some of the flowers only bloom when sheltered from the sun’s rays. Others close their petals the minute they feel the patter of raindrops… Together, these five white flowers form a complex with brightening properties.


       Very resistant, hardy perennial flower
       It closes its petals at night and during storms, to protect them from the rain
       It symbolizes purity and softness
       Bellis is gathered on the wild slopes of the Macedonian mountains (central Europe)
       Flower whose charm is eternal, the flower of self-love
       It is a perennial plant that grows from a bulb
       Melvita uses an active ingredient extracted from the dormant bulb (when its cellular production system goes "to sleep")
White Lupin:
       Flourishes in shaded pastures and on grassy slopes
       Rich in protein, sugars, oligosaccharides and glutamine peptides
       Small-grown, frost-hardy, evergreen shrub from the Northeast-American woods
       Only 15cm tall, its leaves are elliptical, radiant green and measure 2.5cm
       This perennial herbaceous plant is probably the oldest cultivated species
       Its rigid stem grows from a bulb to a height of just over a meter
       Its long leaves are pale green in color
       From May to July it produces beautiful white, trumpet-shaped, very fragrant flowers with yellow stamens
On top of the 5 white flowers complex with brightening properties, the new Brightening Concentrate formula contains a new extract in order to truly target dark spots.
This extract is obtained from the brown alga Ascophyllum Nodosum and it acts at 4 levels of skin pigmentation, for whitening and brightening effect:
ü  Slowdown of melanin synthesis, through the inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme.
ü  Inhibition of melanin pigmentation, through an anti-free radical action that decreases oxidation reaction.
ü  Increase of melanin elimination, through the stimulation of cell renewal
ü  Stimulation of natural skin exfoliation for an even-toned and brighter complexion.
The Melvita Brightening Concentrate brings together a complex of 5 white flowers* with illuminating properties and a brown alga extract with brightening properties, for complete corrective action on uneven skin tone.
Usage Instructions: Every morning and evening, after applying essence and before your moisturizer, put on a few drops of Brightening Concentrate using the dropper applicator. Focus on areas of uneven skin tone.
Enhance the efficacy of the new Nectar Bright skin-brightening formulas when you use them together with Melvita Nectar Bright skincare products and achieve skin that is evenly-toned, luminous and radiant, the ORGANIC way!
Verdict - Like the rest of Nectar Bright range, Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate has lovely flowery scent. It is easy to get the correct amount using the dropper. The light translucent gel texture is absorbed quickly into my skin without any greasiness. The formula is mild and I don’t have any breakouts or peeling reaction using it. After 1.5 month of use, my skin complexion looks more even and luminous, naturally.
Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate 30ml is retail at RM 230.

Melvita Nectar Bright full range includes:

Brightening Eye Contour Serum (RM170, 15ml)
Reduce the appearance of signs of fatigue, dark circles and puffiness. The eyes look beautifully bright. Read my review on this amazing eye contour serum here 

Brightening Essence (RM230, 30ml)
5-flower complex cleverly corrects and fades away existing dark spots while protecting your skin against future hyperpigmentation.

Brightening Concentrate (RM230, 30ml)
A complex of 5 white flowers* with illuminating properties brought together with brown alga extract with brightening properties, for complete corrective action.

Brightening Cream (RM215, 40ml)
Intensely moisturizes, regenerates  and smoothes the skin whilst mild lactic acid formulation provides extra-gentle enzymatic exfoliation and mineral powders instantly reflect light to increase skin brightness.

UV Shield-Sunscreen SPF15 (RM128, 30ml)
A 100% natural origin lightweight mineral sunscreen to help defend against everyday UV radiation.

Brightening Exfoliation Mask (RM120, 50ml)
A 2-in-1 weekly mask/scrub, which contains the signature 5-flower complex and exfoliating silica beads, to truly illuminate your complexion.

Melvita Boutiques are available at;
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Mid Valley           G-001A, Ground Floor 03-2282 2166

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