Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills and Talents (VEST) Program

I love working with teenagers, because they are creative and always come with a lot of hidden talents. What's more, it is a best chance for all college students now to join the Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills and Talents (VEST) program to win prizes of RM 50,000 cash!

Attention to all college students, you are welcome to join the Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills and Talents (VEST) program which is a competition within colleges that involved 1,000 undergraduates from 20 higher educational institutes around Malaysia. It is estimated that more than 200 business ideas will be gathered from this program.

In the 6 months competition, contestants have to come out with various techniques including sales, marketing, branding, effective communication, franchise opportunity and money management in order for the undergraduates to get ready to start their own business as an entrepreneur.

With the aim of promote the university students to start up their own business, giving the entrepreneurship value to students, offering an opportunity to the students to expand their business idea in systematic and dynamic way, to promote the information of entrepreneur agency which will provide loan, training, marketing, infrastructure skills and also to create the working opportunity to different market sectors.

How VEST works?

There will be a 6 months intensive class and coaching, while still continue to study according to syllabus, there will be different task during each stage, 20 business training, 2 Business Pitching, Self introduction to the business experts, focus on business discussion and last but not least the VEST Carnival which is a two days event that will be happening in conjunction with the Gala VEST, where prizes will be given out the the winning teams on the Gala.
Starts from 28th April 2017, all Malaysian students aged from 18 to 25 year old, and is studying at IPTA/IPTS are eligible to join the VEST program. You could register through your university or through PNS website at

300 contestants will be selected and move on to the final stage of 1 year with PNS. The grand prize winner will get RM 25,000; second prize winner RM 15,000 and third prize winner will walk away with RM 10,000. This will be a good money to start up your business.
VEST is a program organised by Strategi Lautan Biru Kebangsaan (NBOS) for Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) of the aspiration of Negaraku.

For more details on VEST, visit
Instagram : @vest_malaysia
Twitter : @vestmalaysia


Emily said...

College/uni students must really check out this programme. Wished there was something similar to me when I was at that age!

yanrula said...

Oh no! I just graduated!!! TT The timing whyyyy *sobs*

yanrula x

Unknown said...

Great that Malaysia has this to motivate students.

SHINI LOLA | Your Guide to Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle said...

It is a great program! Will spread this out with my cousin.

Tengkubutang said...

Nice entry. this is good for College/uni students

buybestbabystroller said...

A great post. Keep it up.

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