Clarins Body Fit - The Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert

Like many people, I am into healthy living hence I work out regularly. I have been going to the gym  for years and I found that the results are better when I work out with the right body care products. For example, a good cellulite cream could eliminate the cellulite and stretch marks more effectively, leaving my skin ultra smooth and firm.
So, I have been trying out different body products. This year, Clarins has launched the Body Fit that speed up our slimming performance. As the body expert with more than 22 years of on-going scientific research in body slimming, Clarins has always provided the most innovative slimming action for women.
Used to called Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control, Clarins Body Fit is the ideal body slimming “coach” capitalizes on the strengths of its predecessors and goes even further in terms of body slimming results thanks to an unprecedented discovery made by Clarins Research: three adipocytes responsible fatty tissue expansion and skin sponginess. A new formula was developed, it includes an amazing plant extract - Quince Leaf Extract, which is capable of “coaching” adipocytes into regaining a normal level of activity. 
Thanks to this unique product that delivers reinforced slimming action for a refined, better shaped silhouette. Body Fit minimizes the appearance of existing cellulite and helps prevent the appearance of new areas. Beyond body slimming expertise, Body Fit helps reshape the silhouette through its ‘lift’ action as well as firms, smoothes and enhances more beautiful-looking skin, results you can see! 


1. Not 1 but 3 adipocytes are responsible for fatty tissue expansion and skin sponginess.
From Fat-storing adipocytes; NEW Fat-burning adipocytes and NEW Fiber-producing adipocytes.

2. Plant discovery: Quince leaf extract is a remarkable “personal trainer” for the cells it targets.

3. Texture: The pretty pink texture of this new cream-gel is immediately absorbed and won’t dry the skin. It leaves the skin feeling smooth, toned and well hydrated. After exercising, enjoy the comfort of a texture that you'd loved.

4. Application technique: Apply the product using the Self-Massage Body Contouring method, the combination of hand pressure and muscle contractions means that this Self-Massage method helps “trap” adipose tissue and boost circulation to remove it. The body, including the legs, feels lighter – feelings of “heaviness” disappear. The silhouette is already redefined, the benefits are immediately felt.
I love Clarins Body Fit's tingly and light gel texture which is easy and quick to absorb. I slather this body-smoothing gel all over my lower half before work out. And when I don't have time to work out, I simple apply this and get dressed minutes later. I have been using it for weeks and I love its visible results. 
Clarins Body Fit absorbed almost immediately

Clarins Body Fit 200ml is retails at RM 250. I think it is a wise investment for slimmer, firmer and supple skin.

If you have the time, do try out the Contour Shaper Treatment at the Clarins Spa helps sculpt the silhouette, refine and firm body contours. The look of cellulite is minimized, the skin feels soft and smooth. Overall, you feel “lighter” and more at ease! Priced at RM365 for 60 mins at the Clarins Spa.

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Jacqueline Khoo said...

Look like not bad oh, should I get 1 for my thigh solution? Thanks for sharing dear!

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

Whew. RM250? Does it really effective? and how long can we see the result?

yanrula said...

Wow I didn't know Clarins releases body slimming products! Should get this for myself, thanks for sharing :D

yanrula x

I am Vee said...

Can pregnant lady use to ??
Cause my thigh are '' huge '' during pregnancy T.T sob!

Tengkubutang said...

huhu.. i have a sellulite, this product sure can make my sellulite reduce ? hehehe..

Unknown said...

wow! Rm250.. hmm.... i'm always abit skeptical about all these things,,

Sharon Lee said...

I think I need this though! There's always some of the stubborn cellulite that are hard to reduce!

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