Kids Public Speaking Program by Johan Speaking Academy

As a parent of two girls, I know it is important to embrace interactive and communicative learning while also improving kids’ confidence that will be beneficial to them in long run.
When I know about the Kids Public Speaking Program organised by Johan Speaking Academy had the graduation finale at Evolve Concept Mall on Sunday, 21st May 2017, I quickly brought my girls over to see how the kids speak at a shopping mall.
It was impressive to see 135 kids that had went through a 10 weeks Kids Public Speaking program, which gives them real-life-experience speaking on stage. They went to Little Kingdom in April for their brand ambassador program and now they had graduated with pride.
Missed this for your kids? Don’t worry as Johan Speaking Academy is opening for their next intake for 10 weeks in Sept 2017. The program is suitable for kids age 7 to 12 years old, and is available in English and Mandarin sessions.

Our local government’s school system focuses so much on academic, but what about the ability to speak in each child? In view of this, the founder of Johan Speaking Academy, Johan Ooi and Cherry Ho believed that soft skills like public speaking which gives kids confidence is essential and very important in the working world. The ability to articulate your message and share your story will help you inspire and impact the world. The ability to speak well is a lifelong skill which everyone of us would need to use throughout our career and life.

Till date, Johan Ooi & Cherry Ho has coached and taught more than 1000 kids to speak on stage since 2014. Johan is the 2015 Peninsular Malaysia Public Speaking Champion. He represented Malaysia and competed in the 2015 World Championship of Public Speaking held at Las Vegas. He finished as the semi-finalist competing with the best in the world.

Feel interested to enrol your kids to Kids Public Speaking Program by Johan Speaking Academy already? Feel free to email them at (attention to Cherry Ho) or call Cherry at 016-2589038.

Johan Speaking Academy 

Address: 92B, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Johan Speaking Academy website:

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Sunshine Kelly said...

This is good for the kids, its better to start from young.

Unknown said...

I read on a fellow personal finance blogger's blog that if you have public speaking skills, you can increase your earning potential by 50%. This is a great investment. I am looking forward to enroll my kids when they are a bit older.

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