Affordable Pram & Baby Strollers at Carousell

Whether you are a first time mum or not, there are so many things to prepare and buy for your baby. It could cost a bundle especially when you are expected twins or more babies at once. One of the more expensive baby / infant item would be Pram & Baby Strollers. As for me, I have bought 3 strollers over the years for my two princesses. However, as they grow older, the strollers have become redundant and wasting the storage. 
Just when I was headache on how to get rid of the Pram & Baby Strollers, my friend from my mummy community introduced me Carousell.
Carousell is an online platform founded back in 2012. Carousell let one to buy and sell product/ items easily. It is a platform that one can sell our unused or preloved product via Carousell for FREE. What we need to do is to snap picture and sell them online, and for buyers just surf them via your phone and buy from there, isn't it simple and easy?

When I was browsing through Carousell, I saw many affordable Pram & Baby Strollers there. For example, a Maclaren Globetrotter Stroller Pram that easily cost RM 1500 and above for a brand new product, is only selling at RM 130 at Carousell! How fantastic deal is this, I almost can't believe this hahaha. Now, we can save hundreds and thousands of ringgit to buy Pram & BabyStrollers at Carousell.

For old parents like me, we can sell off our kids' Pram & Baby Strollers at Carousell to get some money to buy new stuff for them. While this is also a great way to recycle and save the earth! How nice is this.

Carousell app is easy and safe to use, just download from App store, install and start to buy or sell almost immediately. It has categorized the products into different categories for easy browsing. From Pram & Baby Strollers, baby clothes, toys, books and many more. I especially love the 'Chat with Seller' function where we could chat with the sellers for more information before making decision on buying the product. We could even bargain the price with seller on the chat, just great.

Most importantly, we could buying from our fellow community and supporting each other in the process. I am glad that my mummy community has introduced me to Carousell. I have fell in love with Carousell as it helps me to earn money while also saving money from shopping. I strongly encourage you all to share my article with your friends who will find it useful.

Alright, I am logging into Carousell for more shopping now. Good bye until then.


Sunshine Kelly said...

Can get baby stuff at such a good price there, will check it out.

Tengkubutang said...

all people talk about carousell.. i think im also must visit this website.. maybe once i get into this website.. i will shopping a lot? hahaha

仙妮 said...

Very informative of sharing this, Rane. Gonna share it with my friends who gonna be mummy soon ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

Nisa said...

This site does help me to find things I like. At first a bit confusing though on how it works.

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