New! 5-in-1 Mentholatum Softlips Cube

Oh My God the new 5-in-1 Mentholatum Softlips Cube is so cool and stylish. Looks so unique that just like an ice cubes, it is not only convenient with its all-in-one functionality but it also makes you look snazzy when applying your lipbalm.
Formulated with the Lip Perfecting Technology, Mentholatum’s Softlips Cube has a 5-in-1 function which ensure that your lips are protected from adverse weather conditions, stays constantly moisturised and attractive. 
The 5-in-1 function works in the following ways:

·         Hydrates – Fortified with premium moisturisers such as Shea Butter, the Softlips Cube restores moisture even to the driest lips
·         Repairs – Contains antioxidants and Vitamins A, C and E to soothe and repair damaged skin
·         Smoothes – Formulated with unique emolients to smoothen rough skin, leaving skin silky soft
·         Protects – Shields lips from UV rays with SPF 15
·         Adds shine – Unlike regular lipbalms which only offers protection, the Softlips Cube also comes with a light-weight gloss that offers a radiant finish upon application

I love the refreshing effect after apply it, and more inportantly, my lips feel moisture and soft after applying it. To ensure efficacy, apply generously 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours especially when outdoors. 

Mentholatum Softlips Cube comes in two variants, they are The Fresh Mint and Strawberry.
It is available exclusively at Watsons for only RM18.90 for 6.5g. It is also gluten-free which makes it ideal for people with gluten allergy. Visit Watsons stores or Watsons onlinestore to buy them now.


Miera Nadhirah said...

Love this little lipbalms.. they are so nice to use.. my daughter loves the mint one... even though she did not get the strawberry one since her mummy kedekut... hahahah

Isaac Tan said...

5 in 1? not bad at all.. a lot of selling points to get this product. :D

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