New! Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne

Making heads turn, locking gazes and imprinting unforgettable memories through a very vital sensory that is the scent. Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne is the kind of fragrance that makes a woman has her own signature scent to be recognizable among the rest. After successfully introducing this fragrance range in Indonesia, Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne has become the number one fragrance of choice and it is about to top Malaysian market with its elegance and glamourous touch.
Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne range has the distinctive aroma that will awaken your positive emotion, such as the citrus note which sparks up the refreshing, revitalizing and energizing mood for us to be charged for everyday activities. Undoubtedly, a fresh and elegant-scented body will manifest confidence and attractiveness in you. These are the auras that are exuded from the kind of women that we normally see as being center of attention, head-turners and memorable. Therefore, a fragrance that matches perfectly with a woman’s inner aura and character definitely will boost her self-esteem to interact with everyone around her as well as making others feel intrigued to bond with her. In short, Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne paves the way for success and relation with others through the power of scent.
Simply spritz just a little fragrance of your choice from the new elegant glass shaped bottle of Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne to have that confidence and outstanding vibe of attractiveness gleaming from you. Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne is certified Halal by MUI for a peace of mind for Muslim users. Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne is designed in bold gradient colours to differentiate each from its character.Each spray will definitely trail you with the loveliest scent that will “ignite your charm reach your star”.
Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne range includes four scents and notes for every woman to choose from:

1. Haute Couture
Believing in yourself with the polished self-esteem is the first step to ace the daily challenges to be at the paramount of success. Combination of floral scent, woody, and green leaf of Haute Couture exudes freshness and inner beauty that enhances self-confidence to achieve success in life.

2. Femme Chic

Combination of exotic fruity floral fragrance with lush fruity elements of sweet nectarine, juicy mango and strawberry with luscious bouquet and sensual vanilla musky undertones for extra-long lastingness. It represents elegance, in the sense that it is not just about featuring a luxurious dress in your outfit selection but also being able to ignite a beautiful aura deep inside of you.


This fragrance with Floriental Fruity notes, noticeable and unique lingering fragrances empowers you to pursue your dream to be the most gorgeous and fabulous persona on the red carpet and being the most sough-after name in the entertainment life. The famous and adored character of yourself will surface after each spray, unleashing your inner celebrity to the world.

4.Glam Star
This is the scent that speaks glamour, bubbly, and having that glittery fun of being the center of attraction or simply the life of the party. Filled with the fragrance of Floral Fruity Green notes, you will be undoubtedly noticeable and glamour in any social events or even in your daily struts everywhere.

Now why would you leave the magic potion at home when you can simply carry it around in your handbag for that extra boost of continuous confidence that you can spray from your choice of Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne. Indeed, it’s another reason to enjoy being a glamorous lady everyday rather than only during special occasions.

Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne is priced at RM19.90 for 100ml and available at leading hypermarket, supermarket & pharmacy. Get yours now to ignite your charm, reach your star!


Travellover23 said...

First time heard about this perfume brand~ I wonder how it smell

Crappy Blogger said...

Looks elegant. Hope so there is tester. The price is very cheap as well. Might get one

Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow many blog about this.
must be good, shall check the store soon!

Fateen Thalhah said...

Their packaging actually look quite fancy. Hoping there's one that will suit my taste

Unknown said...

Never heard of this brand before but I've gotta say it definitely looks nice! The bottle design is really unique and pretty

Shub said...

New product? Looks promising...Loved the bottle shape and colors.

Sharon Lee said...

Thanks for intro this new cologne! The package looks classy and slim =D

Technology News said...

Nice post.Everyone can search easily

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