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Marvis Toothpaste and Toothbrushes are now available at Malaysia shore, only at Kens Apothecary stores. Imported from Florence, Italy, Marvis is a superior dental brand that has been loved in Italy for generations. Marvis is offered in a variety of delicious, innovative, and fashionable flavors—created by offsetting the aroma of mint to provide the freshness you need, with innovative notes to offer you a long-lasting, pleasurable taste sensation

Marvis has revolutionised the concept of toothpaste giving it a multi-faceted, modern interpretation and an extraordinary appeal. Original, aromatic mixtures provide new, exquisite sensations that transform a simple daily gesture into a moment of pleasure. The processing method used guarantees a dense, compact texture, maximum protection, an unmistakably fresh sensation and an extraordinary whitening effect. 

Marvis stand out on account on its trendy image with an increasingly up-to-date, iconic, original flavours, inspired by the art and fashion world. Capable of capturing and involving a spellbound public, who is curious and open-minded. 

Hero products from the Marvis oral care collection include Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste, Aquatic Mint, Cinnamon Mint and Liquorice.

Marvis oral care collection’s products are listed below;

Uniquely fresh peppermint taste with a long lasting pleasurable sensation.
Marvis classic mint 75ml - RM35, Marvis classic mint travel size 25ml - RM17

A sweet and cool touch of mint with a cool freshness of the sea.
Marvis aquatic mint 75ml - RM35, Marvis aquatic mint travel size 25ml - RM17

Rich and powerful mint followed through with a light spicy note.
Uniquely fresh peppermint taste with a long lasting pleasurable sensation.
Marvis ginger mint 75ml - RM35, Marvis ginger mint travel size 25ml - RM17

Mint flavor with a sweet and floral note, offers you a long lasting taste sensation.
Marvis jasmine mint 75ml - RM35, Marvis jasmine mint travel size 25ml - RM17

Has a sharp taste of cool mint, carries out a whitening activity on your teeth.
Marvis whitening mint 75ml - RM45, Marvis whitening mint travel size 25ml - RM23

Extra spicy cinnamon, a food lovers' favourite.
Marvis cinnamon mint 75ml - RM35, Marvis cinnamon mint travel size 25ml - RM17

Marvis Amarelli Licorice Mint combines the clean, seductive flavor of licorice with the freshness of mint.
Marvis amereli licorice mint 75ml - RM35,
Marvis amareli licorice mint travel size 25ml - RM17

This concentrated mouthwash energizes and cleanses your entire mouth with a cool, sparkling peppermint sensation. Pleasurable for both teeth and gums, this long-lasting refreshing formula is alcohol-free and contains natural extracts, xylitol and propolis (a dental anti-plaque agent). Marvis mouthwash concentrate is an exceptionally economical concentrate, The Marvis mouthwash concentrate needs to be used with 4 parts of water 1 part of mouthwash
Marvis concentrated mouthwash 120 ml - RM69

Add an air of style to your bathroom with Marvis' super-stylish toothpastes. Marvis is a stunning pleasure, a sensation of permanent being, an unbeatable smile.

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Emily said...

This is the first time hearing about Marvis. Would love to give this brand and its range of products a try.

Bowie.C said...

I bought this before, can't remember which country I bought from (Korea or bkk??) but I didn't use it until now cz I love d packaging haha! It looks like my watercolor

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