Comfortable & Durable School Uniform by Professor

I have been looking for comfortable and durable school uniform for my elder daughter ever since she enroll to primary school. As a mom, I care for my daughters and I wish to provide them very best for their children 24/7, 365 days a year. Since she will be wearing the school uniforms for more than 8 hours a day, under the hot and humid weather in KL, in the typical classroom without air-cond, a good quality school uniform is necessary to keep her comfortable and focus on her study.
I have been recommended a Malaysia home grown uniform brand, 'Professor' by friends and colleagues. When I did my own research, I found that Professor is established since 1982, and it has been caring and clothing many Malaysian children for the past 34 years! From their humble beginnings with a small shop in SS2 to 12 outlets throughout Klang valley now, they still strive to provide affordable, comfortable, durable and most importantly high quality school uniform to our children.
It sounds really promising. Hence I brought my girl to Professor outlet at SS2 to try out the uniforms. Apparently there are 2 range of Professor school uniform, the Professor Red Label which is their signature label with better quality and extra-large sizes, and the Professor Green Label which is a cheaper range. Since the Professor Red Label’s price is reasonable to us, we opted to the Professor Red Label.

My girl tried on the white blouse and navy blue pinafore at the changing room. She likes the uniform a lot. We love that Professor school uniforms are made with 100% cotton, making it soft, and comfortable to wear. I like the thick fabric because my girl look neat and proper in it. The uniforms are made with breathable material hence she doesn't feel hot for a whole day.
More importantly, the pinafore comes with a ‘zipped’ pocket. You know how clumsy kids are, with ‘zipped’ pocket, we parents no longer need to worry about them lost money due to it fell out of their pocket.
We bought home 2 pairs of Primary school uniform for my elder daughter from Professor @ SS2. She is very happy and she can’t wait to start her standard 2 class in year 2017.
Professor offers a wide range of uniforms, from school uniforms, firefighters uniforms to scouts uniforms, sportswear and many more. You can find a wide selection of school bags, outdoor activity bags, camping equipment, accessories, binoculars, army knives, hats, ties, badges and so much more here too. Its a one-stop store for people who is in search of uniforms and outdoor accessories.
Professor @ SS2 Address:
1st Floor, No 21, Jalan SS2/64
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Business Hour: Mon to Sun, 10am to 9 pm


Melissa said...

These uniforms look good but my mom said the price is expensive. Hope they can sell it at a cheaper price.

Ivianat said...

Your girl look so cute and grown up wearing uniform. Our school has their own vendor to buy directly through the school.

Emily said...

Ah, this post reminds me of the time I was at primary school. Always a last minute shopper for uniforms, shoes, books and stationery.

Amelie Yap said...

I bought all my uniforms from professor too! As well as my siblings! They are really good in quality.

Crappy Blogger said...

Never tried professor before. Must give it a try soon for my cousin.

Sharon Lee said...

Comfy is the key! Looks like a good brand for school uniform =D

Gane said...

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