Protect You and Your Family From Scars with Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids

Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids, a scar care brand, launched the ‘My Hero-Scar’ campaign to raise awareness among parents on the importance of outdoor play time for children’s physical and psychological development. The campaign also aims at encouraging parents to allow their children to explore and enjoy outdoor activities without worrying their little ones getting permanent scars from bruises and scrapes as long as it is treated properly with the right scar care product.

“Technology and the urbanized environment these days keep our children from enjoying the mother-nature as we used to do when our generation was growing up. Children are very active and may fall and sustain from injuries while they are playing outdoors. More often than not, parents would prevent such incident from occurring again. Instead of protecting their children at all times and preventing them to participate in any outdoor activities, parents should let children be children – allow them to be adventurous because it is part of growing up. Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids offer an efficient and convenient solution to make sure adults and children don’t keep scars but only good memories from their outdoor activitiesUltimately, the ‘My Hero-Scar’ campaign aims to provide parents the assurance that while children can be active and adventurous, they do not have to worry about children’s scars as they are well taken care with Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids,” said Koon Yin Pang, Senior Manager, Consumer Health Lead, Marketing Management, Consumer Health of DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
Ms. Pang, Senior Manager, Consumer Health Lead, Marketing Management, Consumer Health of DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd. explains during the launch that we are all susceptible to cuts and little injuries in our everyday life that might lead to permanent scarring. However Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids, young children and adults are able to enjoy the essential moments in life as these products help to break free from their scarring conditions.

Often, parents believe that their children are safer indoors. Technology and an increasing range of home entertainment make it easy to keep children from playing outdoors. According to a study done by the regional parenting portal, 98% of parents in Southeast Asia allow their children to use IT devices regularly.[1] 41% of these children aged between three and eight years old spend more than an hour per sitting on their devices.[2]
(L-R) Dr. M.S Priyadarshini, industrial and organizational psycologist and Ms. Pang Koon Yin, Senior Manager, Consumer Health Lead, Marketing Management, Consumer Health of DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd. officially launch the ‘My Hero-Scar’ campaign. 

While it is inevitable in today’s technology-driven world to ban the use of devices, parents should nevertheless be aware of the negative effects of an extensive use of electronic devices such as addiction or the correlation of device usage with childhood obesity.[3] In order to counter those risks, parents should consider more outdoor activities for their children.
At the “My Hero-Scar” campaign, Dr. Priyadarshini explains that bumps and bruises for children are part of growing up. This should not stop parents from letting their children play outdoors as it has important physical and psychological advantages for a child’s development. 

Dr M.S. Priyadarshini, an industrial and organizational psychologist who is also a life skills development trainer explained that “Outdoor activities have important physical and psychological advantages on a child’s development. They stimulate for example a faster brain development. Children that play more outdoors are prone to be more active and hence less likely to be overweight while growing up. Besides, they become better learners, socialize more through group play and will therefore later on be more capable of connecting to others.[4],[5] 

Parents are therefore advised to let their children play more outdoors and not to be over-protective. It is part of growing up for children to occasionally get cuts or minor injuries that might lead to scars if left untreated. Apart from these incidences, adults and children can also acquire scars from chickenpox, measles or mosquito bites.

According to Health Department director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Malaysia counted about 167 cases of chickenpox last year. The prevalence of measles was even higher. Compared to the same period in 2015, the prevalence of measles has increased of about 340%.[6] About 18% of the children who have had chickenpox for example are likely to get scars mainly on their faces, thorax, abdomen and back. This might affect the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.[7] Therefore, the launch of ‘My-Hero Scar’ campaign is timely and useful to reach out to Malaysians to help them learn and treat wounds and scars effectively.

It does not take much to have minor wounds and scrapes. A trip over the stairs, mishandle a kitchen knife, small burns or any other life events can leave small or large scars. Most of us have one or even more scars to remind us of such situation. It is something common and Malaysians should be informed that they can overcome scarring with treatment and by using the right scar care product.

“With Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids, young kids and adults are able to enjoy the essential moments in life and help break free from their scarring conditions”, added Koon Yin.

Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids can help both children and their parents at every stage of life to break free from their scarring conditions as it provides a simple, safe, convenient and efficient way to relieve scarring. Regularly applied on closed wounds, it helps your skin to recover to its previous smoothness.

To find out more about the ‘My Hero-Scar' campaign, visit Hiruscar official Facebook page at or log on to Hiruscar official webpage at

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Yani Tajuddin said...

i would like to find this one said...

I truly believe that children nowadays need to learn to play outside instead of stuck inside the house. Parents should be more open to that idea.

Bhushavali said...

Quite weird as it may sound, I love my childhood scars. I show them off as a symbol of my playful, sporty childhood.

Ivy Kam said...

Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

Emily said...

This is really useful to keep at home to "jaga pintu" especially for those with kids in the family. I'm going to get it, too.

mytravellicious said...

i used this...but i think my injury(deep cut) was quiet deep, so still got scar.....

Bee Lee said...

seems like a great product but it'd be better if they can help to somehow make my old scar "almost" gone ^^ kids these days are just so blessed!

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