Timeless, Inspired & Wearable Jewelry - DwiDwi Jewellery by LION.c.a

I like bling bling stuff, and I feel great to add some sparkle to my day. However I can’t be buying diamonds all the time so I was looking for alternative and I found the Timeless, Inspired & Wearable Jewelry - DwiDwi Jewellery by LION.c.a. DwiDwi Jewellery is an online jewelry store which just launched few months back, and it is a sub-brand by LION c.a. The name of the brand is interesting, where “Dwi” represents “two” in Malay. And their team believes good things come in pairs, just like our earrings. With such inspiration, “DwiDwi” is born.
Honesty is their virtue. They  pride themselves in providing the best service possible and honour their commitments, just as how they have confidence in their accessories. Their pieces are timeless, inspirational and affordable. Each and every piece of their jewellery is selected with one objective : To Make Us Shine in Every Occasion, without breaking the bank. Their wearable and affordable accessories are totally suitable for budget-minded person like me. You can find almost every fashion accessories including earrings, ear clips, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair clips, head chain, headbands, waist chain and toes chain there.
The parcel came in pretty fast and they were packed beautifully in paper boxes.

Do you love my flower hair clip (RM 20)? 

I love my bling bling layering necklace so much. So cute tt was packed in the cute pink macaron jewelry box!

DwiDwi Jewellery by LION.c.a  is having promotion of Buy 5 or above FREE Shipping in Malaysia. Do look for them at their Facebook page - http://facebook.com/dwidwijewelry22 and Instagram - @dwidwi_jewelry for more Timeless, Inspired & Wearable Jewelry.

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