Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment @ ido's Clinic

As a beauty blogger, I had tried out numerous hair removal treatments over the years. From traditional threading, to waxing, and advanced IPL, and another Hair Removal Treatment – Sumuzu recently.  I love the smooth and clean results after all these treatments but what are the differences between them? Let me tell you more on Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment in this post.
Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment is an iconic hair reduction treatment at ido's clinic. They introduced it to us during the Magic Water blogger party and I can’t wait to try it out hence I have visited ido's Clinic at Kota Damansara a couple of weeks ago and tried it out myself. ido's Clinic Kota Damansara is located at the shop lot in Kota Damansara, ample car parks were available during my visit on a Saturday noon. 
After registered myself, I was led to the treatment room to change. After that, the beautician started to explain the procedures to me. It started with hairs shaves, where she shaved my legs very carefully. 
Then, she applied cooling gel all over my leg. The cooling gel is gentle and gives me a mild cold sensation. 

She then switched on the Koolite machine and rolled it up and down on the treatment area. There was blue light seen but I didn’t feel any uncomfortable. 
Once it was done, she sprayed on the Magic Water on my leg to sooth and calms the skin. The whole process to remove my hairs on both legs took around an hour.


Sumuzu Hair removal reduces accumulation of melanin and size of hair follicles, and it also brings Whitening and Brightening, Smoothing, Tightening benefits to the skin. It costs around RM 300 to 900 per session.
Click on the video above to view the process

For more info on the Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment, call Ido’s Clinic at 017-486 1992 or visit their website at

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markson said...

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