innisfree’s Limited Edition Eco-hankies Unearth the Treasure of Jeju Island

It may date back centuries, but the humble handkerchief is still as useful as it has ever been. Handkerchiefs are making a classy comeback in a variety of designs, giving you an option for every occasion.
As part of innisfree’s annual “Eco-Handkerchief Campaign” in conjunction with World Environment Day, they are giving away eco-hankies in the month of June 2016. This campaign began in 2010 as a way to inspire and encourage global customers to reduce their waste of paper napkins and facial tissues. This year, the designs revolve around the haenyeo, or “sea women,” of Jeju Island as well as the marine life of its waters. 
Of the many natural wonders of Jeju Island, perhaps the most impressive are the generations of South Korean women who have, for centuries, been the divers and main breadwinners of their families. Dubbed “the last mermaids on earth,” the haenyeo are resilient and fearless women who make their living by harvesting seafood by hand from the ocean floor. They are so significant, the South Korean government have requested for them to be added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

The haenyeo way of diving is recognised worldwide as eco-friendly. It minimises pollution while co-existing with nature. To exemplify this, three designs depict the haenyeo swimming peacefully alongside indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins, basalt, and the coral of the sea of Jeju. 

As the tagline “Use a Hankie, Save the Earth!” might imply, switching to handkerchiefs is a simple, workable step. Not only can handkerchiefs be used to replace paper napkins and facial tissue, they have a number of other fashionable and practical uses. From a trendy hairband on a windy day to a quick way to wrap and carry a lunch box, you’ll never be sorry to have a hankie or two lying around. 

In celebration of the Eco-Handkerchief Campaign, innisfree is also introducing limited editions of The Green Tea Seed Serum (160ml for RM120.00), The Green Tea Seed Cream  (100ml for RM115.00), Water Glow Cushion (Cushion + Refill for RM 80), and Long Wear Cushion (Cushion + Refill for RM 80with designs adapted from the eco-hankies. These products will be jumbo sized, giving customers a better view of the artwork. 

From June 1st until June 30th, shoppers who spend RM30 and above in a single receipt and decline to use paper bags at any innisfree store will receive a limited edition eco-hankie. This will be available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to an innisfree store (Sunway Pyramid/Paradigm Mall/Pavillion KL) near you in the month of June to celebrate World Environment Day with them.

Find out more about innisfree here at or:
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Pui San said...

Support this event! Going to dropby this Sunday :D I have already collected 2 of their hankie! :D

Unknown said...

it is good to held these event, tog get more population know how importance it is to keep our country health especially for the youhger generation!

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