There is nothing better than a refreshing treat like King’s Potong ice pop to keep the hot weather at bay. King’s Potong rekindles the joy of the good old days when one used to sit back and nibble on a ‘potong’ popsicle amidst the incessant chatter and merry talk of folks on a scorching afternoon. Whilst we are all spoilt with the many fanciful desserts today, we still savour and look forward to the simple things in life like a ‘potong’ ice cream. 

In its continuous effort to cater to the Asian taste palate, King’s Potong is continuously looking for local favourites that whet the appetite of all Malaysians so that they may enjoy a ‘Potong’ of their favourite flavour. Just as King’s was researching, the coconut – a Malaysian all-time favourite came to mind and that’s how King’s Potong now has the coconut flavour!

Using the freshest ingredient, King’s Potong Coconut Milk ice confection with young coconut bits is Fully imported from Thailand. Made with 100% fresh Thai coconut milk alongside coconut bits, the new King’s Potong Coconut is as refreshing as the fibre drupe and its creamy, yet subtle in flavour is sure to appease all coconut aficionados out there. Indulging in a stick of King’s Potong Coconut can now satisfy even the most discerning palate as it is free from any artificial flavourings.

“With the  current heatwave that Malaysians are experiencing, we are confident that the new King’s Potong Coconut will be a hit as it’s refreshing and it quickly cools down the body temperature from the heat,” said Mr Michael Loh, General Manager of F&N Creameries (M) Sdn Bhd.                         

The King's Potong multipack (6x60ml) retailed at RM 9.30 per pack while the loose sticks (60ml) retail at RM 1.60 per piece (inclusive of GST); and will be made available at all leading hypermarkets and supermarkets starting May 1st 2016.  

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