Shizens Skincare Review & Time Resistance Essence 7 Days Trial Redemption

Shizens Time Resistance Essence PR Event was held at the Music Lounge in Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC) to introduce the upcoming new launch product, Time Resistance Firming Essence
Celebrities and socialites such as Jojo Goh, Atilia, Alan Yun, Issac Ong, Gabriella Robinson, Chloe Chen, Emily Lim, Jun Yong, Ee Fee and Jenvine Ong, Mix FM DJ Linora Low and DJ Chalene, Era FM DJ Dina had also attended the PR Event to grace the event. 
Thanks to Jess, I was invited to join the event to learn more about Shizens Time Resistance Essence as well as other Shizens Skincare products. 
The event began with a dance performance by the sexy ladies and gentlemen. 
Then, all the invited VIPs and guests had experience the brand new Time Resistance Essence that pair with Hydro Enhancing Lotion and Replenish Nutrient Expert.
“The texture of Time Resistance Essence is very smooth and my skin is firmer after using for 2 weeks. It is lightweight and smooth, leave my skin feel comfortably moist.” said Jojo Goh, after using Time Resistance Essence for more than 1 month. 
For more testimonials of Shizens skincare products, you could view the video below on youtube.
Apart from attending the event, I was also given a chance to try Shizens Hydro Series Skincare for the past one month. 

Step 1: Hydro Cleanser

Increases the moisture level of horned layer to make your skin look hydrated, healthy and radiant, while removing dirt and impurities without stripping your skin moisture. It contains Aloe Barbadensis leaf extracts that is antimicrobial, antioxidant and able to moisturize dehydrated skin. Moisture level may increase up to 70% after a continuous use for twice a day in one week. Hydro cleanser is suitable for most skin types.
I particularly enjoy it’s light texture which leaves my skin fresh and clean after wash off with water.
Hydro Cleanser 100ml is retail at RM 158.

Step 2: Hydro Enhancing Lotion

Serves as a second cleanser to further cleanse your face for better absorption of the following products. It contains licorice root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) extracts to repair skin cells for deceleration of skin aging. 

Hydro Enhancing Lotion also contains witch hazel extracts, which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Hydro Enhancing Lotion comes with pump system. I usually pump 3 to 4 pumps onto a cotton pad and massage it over my face and neck.
Hydro Enhancing Lotion 100ml is retail at RM 188.

Step 3: SHUĬ

SHUĬ is a watery aqua based product, is created especially for women, to strengthen the skin’s immune system and to help regain the skin’s youth. It is a pure and natural way to detoxify and replenish nutrients for healthier, supple and luminous skin.  
SHUĬ is formulated with Centella Asiatica extract and root extract that could help decelerate the skin ageing process. The Ginkgo Biloba Leaf extract and Kalanchoe Spathulata extract provide maximum anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory protection.  All botanical plants in the ingredients were carefully selected and went through a comprehensive analysis and quality control process using the latest technological advancements to produce an active component of the best quality. 
I dab SHUĬ using my palm after applying Hydro Enhancing Lotion. I like the watery texture which made absorption quick and fast. I could feel that my skin is moisturized and plumper after the application. The best part is, unlike the other miracle water which I really dislike the smell, Shizens  SHUĬ is lightly scented(almost like unscented) which made me  felt more natural and fresh to use.
Shizens SHUĬ price: 288 for 50ml / RM588 for 180ml

Step 4: Time Resistance Essence

Specifically formulated with Ceramide, a plant derived lipid that is essential in protecting and moisturizing the skin, Time Resistance Essence is designed to counter harmful factors and decelerate skin aging. It reinforces and supports the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and forms an effective barrier against moisture loss by restoring natural Ceramides in skin.
By plumping up the barrier, Time Resistance Essence ensures your skin to retain more moisture, thus making it firmer and healthier.
Time Resistance Essence focuses on nourishing, firming, moisturizing and brightening the skin. It acts as a confidence booster for women, allowing them to perform their daily tasks with ease while showcasing their inner and outer beauty at the same time, a key combination that exhibits the true attractiveness of a woman.
I like that it comes with a dropper dispenser, which made it very convenient to get the amount that I want in each application. I usually use half pump for my whole face and neck.
Time Resistance Essence is available at all Shizens counters and outlets starting from 2nd May 2014. 30ml is priced at RM618

Step 5: Replenish Nutrient Expert
Various botanical extracts were used in the formulation of Shizens Replenish Nutrient Expert. These botanical extracts synergize perfectly with each other to deliver the best result to the skin and stimulate the collagen production and restore elasticity of skin. It contains natural herbs that are proven to have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-oxidant and healing properties. RNE helps to hydrate the skin and keep it moist and supple.
Replenish Nutrient Expert works synergistically together with SHUĬ, the perfect essence to detoxify negative substances as well as strengthen skin immune system. SHUĬ motivates the absorption of Replenish Nutrient Expert that supplies sufficient nutrients to our skin. Visible changes can be seen with combination usage of SHUĬ and Replenish Nutrient Expert.
I dab Shizens Replenish Nutrient Expert on the face and neck using my fingertips as the last step of skincare.  Replenish Nutrient Expert has yogurt looks-a-like texture hence I will warm and massage gently until fully absorbed into my skin.

Shizens Replenish Nutrient Expert price: RM148 for 10g / RM380 for 30g

After using Shizens Skincare for a month, not only that my skin looks healthy and luminous, my wrinkles are lighter too. 
As a typical Libran, I am quite choosy when it comes to packaging. I like Shizens skincare packaging that comes in white and gold bottles/jar. The luxury packaging made me feel like Datin! 
The only cons is the products are pricey. However the results is really promising hence I think they are worth of investment. 
Now, Shizens is kind to offer shoppers Time Resistance Essence 7 days trial redemption in conjunction with the new launch. 
How to redeem?

1.       Present the invitation from Female and Nuyou Magazine (May issue) from 2nd May – 31 May at below roadshows and counters: 

Shizens Outlet/Counters/kiosks

1.       Pavilion KL
2.       1 Utama
3.       Paradigm Mall
4.       Gurney Plaza
5.       Parkson Pavilion
6.       Parkson Ipoh Parade
7.       Parkson Wisma Sanyan
8.       Parkson Bintang Plaza, Miri
9.       Parkson Mahkota Parade
10.   AEON IOI Puchong
11.   Isetan KLCC
12.   Metrojaya Mid Valley
13.   Metrojaya Suria KK
14.   Metrojaya City One

30 April – 4 May
1 Utama, Ground Floor (opposite information counter)
6 May – 18 May
 Berjaya Time Square, Ground East
19 – 25 May
Mid Valley North Court
27 May – 1 June
The Curve (opposite information counter)
2.       Fill in their data at, to redeem Time Resistance Essence 7 days trial.
*shoppers can choose their preference counters to redeem the 7 days trial, this is only available at selected Shizens counters.

For more information about Shizens, go to
Shizens website:

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