Review: Algotherm Marine Life Serum

It's no secret that our skin change as we age. In order to age comfortably, I started using anti-aging skincare when I was 25 years-old.
I've came across Algotherm skincare few years ago. I know that Algotherm is the French pioneer of the marine cosmetic and thalassotherapy spa science. It has world-class spas such as the Deep Ocean Spa in Bora Bora, Devanara Spa, I-Spa Intercontinental France, and has presence in more than 75 countries. 
Algotherm is pleased to introduce it’s latest breakthrough in Marine Skin Anti-Aging Innovation – AlgoTime last month.

Algotherm Research Department has developed a unique synergy of 4 algae, working together to restore youth gene activity, acting on all 4 issues simultaneously - ALGOGENE. This exclusive formula activates 35 genes involved in the anti-aging process, by stimulating melanogenesis and by reviving the production of dermal components such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

By activating skin genes, the 4 ALGOGENE algae regulate and act on key mechanisms involved in melanogenesis and production of dermal components: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Cell longevity is increased and skin is renewed and protected. The 4 main visible signs of aging (wrinkles, loss of firmness, slackening, of the facial contour and dark spots) are neutralized for visibly younger.
I was given a bottle of Algotherm Marine Life Serum for review purpose. 
Algotherm Marine Life Serum is the ultimate youth activating marine care for total anti aging. Divinely smooth and boost skin youthfulness. 
I like it's silky cream texture with light scent, it absorb well into my skin after toning.
After 3 weeks of usage, my skin complexion is more even now. My skin has become supple and firmer as well. It has redefine and sculpt my facial contour and correct and prevent the appearance of dark spots.
Algotherm Marine Life Serum 30ml is retail at RM320.

For more information about Algotherm, visit their facebook page at

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