Interactive Children’s e-Book: Komaneko

Isn’t the cat cute?
Introducing Komaneko Cat

My elder daughter, Jia Rye loves the Komaneko cat when she first saw the educational app in the iPad’s App store. She has asked my permission to install the app. Before I took any actions, I did some study about Komaneko app. I found that Komaneko app is the latest interactive E-Learning Book by Big Tent Entertainment Sdn Bhd. I’ve seen people giving some good comments there, and since it only cost me US$3.99 (Around RM 13), I bought and installed the app without hesitation.
The E-Book follows the story of the beloved cat Komaneko, which has been capturing hearts since its introduction in Japan 11 years ago. Komaneko is a clever and creative cat who is planning to shoot a stop-motion movie all by herself. Komaneko lives with her grandfather on top of a mountain and her hobbies include making dolls and shooting stop motion films. She is sweet and only makes a cute "nyah" sound when she speaks. Aside from creativity, Komaneko is also known for her curiosity and adventurousness.

Created by Tsuneo Goda, who also originated Japanese character and viral sensation Domo, Komaneko takes the reader on a beautiful and captivating journey. This edutainment app has been built on the foundation of blurring the lines between education and entertainment, so that children are excited to play and learn without even realising it.
Jia Rye and I spent some good time together while exploring the app. We watched and read the story of Komaneko: The First Step as Komaneko creates her first movie, and the magic that happens after she is done. The animated video was beautifully done; it is really appealing to both Jia Rye and I.
Amongst all the 6 games, Jia Rye likes the coloring and puzzle game the most because it's her most familiarized games as she has been playing it for years.
I let her try the matching game, she was not good in that initially. However, she has now passed the beginner and intermediate level, and is heading to advanced levels after a few play. That said, her observation skill has improved a lot.
Spot the Difference game is another challenging game for Jia Rye to find the images that are out of place. This 10-level challenge helps build her cognitive and observation skills.
The best part is, Komaneko is available in English, Mandarin and Malay. Jia Rye has become more familiar with 500 English words, 500 Malay words and more than 600 Chinese characters not just verbally, but also visually through the app.

Most importantly, I found that not only Jia Rye’s imagination and creativity has enhanced, she has also build cognitive and observation skills where she did not learned much from her kindergarten.

This all-in-one edutainment app teaches children by stimulating their memory, creativity and reading skills. I would recommend Komaneko app because it uses multiple fun approaches to maximize your children’s learning experience. 

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