Nestlé Bliss Supermarket Sweep

I’m a yogurt consumer for many years because I am concern about health and wellness. Yogurt contains good-for-us bacteria so I always buy Yogurt and yogurt drinks during the weekend grocery shopping for the whole family. One of the brands that our family trusted and in love with is Nestlé Bliss.
Nestlé Bliss is not only tasty and healthy; they are very affordable too.
Good news for Nestlé Bliss customers like me, the Nestle Bliss Supermarket Sweep is happening from 1st May to 9th July 2014.
The Nestle Bliss Supermarket Sweep is an annual event to reward loyal Bliss Consumers. It is back for the 2nd time year in a row with RM500,000 worth of Supermarket Sweep prizes to be won by 100 lucky winners! 10 winners each week would be chosen.
How to join? Easy, just follow the 3 steps below;

Step 1 : From (1 May – 9 July 2014)  buy a list of participating products.

Step 2 : Visit the Nestle Bliss Facebook page ( complete the form and answer 3 simple questions

Step 3 : Submit your entry!

Yes it’s that easy to join. I am participating Nestle Bliss Supermarket Sweep and hope I’m one of the 100 winners to win the 8 minutes of FREE Supermarket Sweep!
Visit Nestlé Bliss Supermarket Sweep page for more information.

Nestle Bliss Facebook Page -

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