Redefine Your Curves With L’OCCITANE Almond Body Care Collection

Almonds are often associated with positive feelings and emotions. In olden days, the Romans would throw Almonds over newly-weds to wish them joy and good health. Almond trees and branches are also prominently talked about in many religions, and are known to symbolise something that is solid, dependable and strong. The stoic Almond tree is also known as ‘the watchman tree’ in Provence, as it is the first tree which blossoms at the end of winter. Its early flowering makes it a symbol of good omens as it bears the meaning of hope that spring is around the corner. 
The True Nature Of Almonds

Each year in early spring, the Almond tree blooms with delicate white flowers, but the long wait for these blossoms to transform into fruit extends until October. 
The Almond nut stays protected within its beautiful, smooth green velvet shell, protected from elements of the weather. Once winter is over, these Almonds can be harvested. Fine and delicious, the fragrant Almond nut is also known for its ability to soften and smooth the skin, thus creating a firm and toned silhouette. 
For many years, L’OCCITANE has featured Almonds as the key ingredient in its bestselling Almond bodycare collection, designed to help you reveal your feminine curves. Being ever respectful of Mother Nature and the harvest she provides, L’OCCITANE throws nothing away of the Almond fruit, which brims with a myriad of skin-loving ingredients. 
From cold-pressing the kernel to extract skin-softening milk and nourishing oil that are full of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, to transforming the crushed shells into gentle exfoliators, to processing the Almond tree buds for its incredible draining and toning properties, the possibilities with Almonds are endless. 
In order to preserve the sustainability of Almonds, L’OCCITANE also actively purchases Almonds from growers in the South of France, so that long-forgotten Almond tree can once again become a familiar element in Provence. 
Here’s To New Beginnings For A New You!

This year, L’OCCITANE is pleased to bring you an even more enhanced Almond bodycare routine that makes the best out of the amazing slimming and firming benefits of Almonds. With a relaunch of all-time favourites, plus the introduction of limited-edition novelty products, Almond collection fans will certainly find themselves spoilt for choice.


Lifted contours with a soft-to-touch skin texture!

The Firming range features a sweet, delectably mouth-watering scent of Almond milk that envelops skin with a soft, lingering fragrance. With continued use, skin feels firmer, smoother and silkier. 

1.     MILK CONCENTRATE (200ml, RM214) NEW Formula!

Enriched with Almond oil and milk, this rich, deliciously fragrant silky cream helps nourish and visibly soften the skin while keeping it hydrated for 48 hours*. The new complex with tightening walnut and Almond extracts helps protect skin elasticity and stimulate cell renewal. Combined with Almond proteins and silicium, it helps to visibly tighten and smooth the skin. 
Both the old and new milk concentrate is pack in glass jar.

Application tips: Massage on whole body each morning and/or evening, focusing on areas prone to slackening like thighs, stomach and bust. Use circular movements from bottom to top, moving upwards. 
48-hour hydration (by measurement of hydration rate on 12 women with corneometer)
85% of women noted a firmer skin appearance (result observed by 20 women after 28 days) 

2.     SUPPLE SKIN OIL (100ml, RM187) NEW Formula!
The Almond-shaped bottle contains a golden elixir that is rapidly absorbed without leaving behind a greasy residue. Consisting of more than 50% Almond oil, it is rich in Omega 6 and comes enriched with silicium and Muscat rose bush oil to help boost skin’s firmness. The dry oil effectively fights against dryness, loss of elasticity and even stretch marks. Hence, it is perfect for pregnant women, both before and after pregnancy. 
I like the new supple skin oil which comes in a spray bottle for easy application.
Application tips: Spray directly on skin and massage with upward circular motions. Concentrate on areas with skin slackening or stretch marks like thighs, buttocks, tummy and arms.


Toned, cellulite-free skin that feels refreshed and light

The Slimming range features a light, flowery scent inspired by the freshness of spring. Lose yourself in the green notes of Almond tree buds, delicate touches of Almond flowers and the comforting lingering scent of Almond nuts. Frequent use will reveal defined curves that are free from cellulite.

3.     TONIC BODY OIL (100ml, RM198) NEW!
For the first time ever, an ultra-dry oil for a refreshing anti-cellulite routine. Do away with heavy creams and treat yourself to a sensorial experience. A cocktail of 5 essential oils (immortelle, palmarosa, mint, carrot and cypress), with the addition of pink pepper oil, penetrates quickly to visibly reduce cellulite appearance and reshape the body.

Application tips: Apply every morning and evening on whole body, massaging into skin with upward circular motions. Concentrate on areas with cellulite like thighs, buttocks and tummy.

Skin firmness +31% (Clinical scoring on 25 women over 28 days.)
Less visible cellulite for 61% of women (Results reported by 31 women after 28 days.)

4.     SHAPING DELIGHT (200ml, RM205)

Ultra-refreshing yet incredibly effective, this melt-on-the-skin gel helps to visibly refine and reshape the silhouette with a powerful concentration of natural ingredients. Resculpt and tone the body’s contours with a patented combination of Almond and rose buds. Tighten skin even further Almond proteins which create a ‘weave effect’ to hold curves in place. After only 1 month, skin is firmer and smoother. The silhouette looks refined and reshaped. 
Similar to milk concentrate, shaping delight comes in a glass jar. So do handle with care ok.

Application tips: Apply twice a day for at least a month, using circular motions from bottom to top. Focus on areas such as hips, buttocks, thighs and stomach.

Giving you velvety sensations from top to toe! 

5. Lighter Legs (75ml, RM86) NEW!
This refreshing cream-gel is the perfect antidote to the heat, with peppermint and camphor essential oil to stimulate microcirculation and refresh tired legs and feet. Tapioca natural powder leaves a velvety finish on the skin, allowing you to dress up immediately without feeling sticky. Enjoy the lingering Almond blossom fragrance to get you in the mood.

6. Smooth Hands (75ml, RM80) NEW!
Your hands need extra care too. Formulated with softening Almond milk and smoothing Almond proteins, this light hand cream instantly moisturises and beautifies skin. Featuring a delicate Almond blossom fragrance, the hand cream leaves skin feeling baby-soft and velvety.


Exfoliate your skin once a week and massage it every day to optimize the effect of slimming care. Exfoliation prepares the skin to receive the active ingredients in skincare products. It helps smooth and enhance the skin to rid it of dead cells. Massaging helps stimulate the skin’s microcirculation and optimizes the effects of the slimming care.

7. Shower Scrub (200ml, RM85)

This light and silky-smooth jelly softly cleanses and exfoliates with crushed Almond shells and sugar crystals. The addition of Almond oil makes skin more supple. 
My skin feel fresh and clean after using shower scrub.


8. Shower Oil (250ml, RM95)

Sensual and soothing, this mild formula foams gently when in contact with water to cleanse the body while leaving skin smooth and velvety. 
This is my all-time favourite shower oil, it has a warm sensation when apply on skin. It smells wonderful, and the best part is the fragrance is really long lasting. A little goes a long way so I think this is the must haves from the Almond range.

9. Beautiful Shape (200ml, RM167)
Boost the effectiveness of your slimming routine with this gel-cream for specific targeted areas with cellulite, like thighs and buttocks. It’s enriched with a micro-exfoliating agent for a perfectly-smoothed skin surface. Beautiful shape gives cooling sensation after application.

10. Milk Veil (250ml, RM155)

This ultra-light firming body milk moisturises skin without leaving behind any oily or greasy feeling. Micro-pearls beautify the skin with a subtle shimmer that makes skin look firmer instantly. It is enriched with nourishing Almond oil and milk, as well as firming Almond proteins and silicium.

11. Delicious Soap (50g, RM21)
Rougher body parts require extra exfoliation. This handy body bar is enriched with Almond oil for suppler skin, while crushed Almond shells slough off dead skin cells on rough heels, knees and elbows. 

I'm gonna end this post with 4 Simple Ways to Get a Toned, Firm Silhouette.

Exfoliate your skin twice a weekExfoliation is essential to promote the body’s cellular waste elimination. Micro-particles in body scrubs promote microcirculation so that the body is able to flush out toxins easily. Clearing the skin’s surface of dead skin cell buildup also makes the epidermis more receptive to bodycare products applied after exfoliation.

Practice dry brushing to banish cellulite - Every day before you shower, use a natural-bristled brush to brush your skin while it’s still dry. Dry brushing is a well-known method to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It also promotes tighter skin, improves cell renewal and stimulates blood circulation. Start at your feet and move up both legs, brushing in long strokes in one direction: towards your heart. Do the same for your arms, moving from the hands to your shoulders and towards the chest. Remember not to brush too hard!

Pick up a core muscle exercise routine like Pilates or KickboxingIf you’re looking for a new exercise routine, try Pilates! It’s not a new trend, but it provides a whole-body workout every time. Pilates focuses on core strength to train the entire body at once, while promoting muscle development and joint flexibility. Core exercises get rid of flabby parts around the stomach and dormant areas like upper arms and thighs. Plus, Pilates is not strenuous, and can be done by anyone and everyone. All you need to have is determination to reach your goal! 
Don’t just apply Almond bodycare; eat Almonds too! Eating nuts helps keep your skin glowing and hydrated. Almonds are a ‘superfood’. That means they’re packed with lots of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Incorporate Almonds into your daily eating habits to get the best out of its high nutritional value. Eat whole roasted Almonds as a snack, or add toasted slivers of Almonds to your salads, cereal or yogurt. Vitamin E in Almonds nourishes skin and protects it from UV rays too!
The L’OCCITANE Almond Body Care Collection is already available at L’OCCITANE Malaysia stores and online now. 

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