World Oceans Day - Ocean Mania Costume Contest @ Paradigm Mall, PJ

Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia & Paradigm Mall, Kylie; Ayu and I were invited to the World OceanDay @ Paradigm Mall, PJ as one of the judges for the Ocean Mania kids costume contest back in June 2013.

Happy to receive token of appreciation from Paradigm Mall

I enjoyed my first judging experience watching 8 kids with the costume plus performance. Bravo to the parents for the effort of making the creative costumes.
This mermaid is not shy at all, super cute!
Isabel's sister is so thin even after gave birth! I like that the mother and boy are having the same color theme in yellow, a plus point yeah.
Sherry's younger son was sick that day, poor boy
Congratulations Sherry, her elder son has won bigger prize
Happy Group picture, yay ^ ^

Paradigm Mall website:

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