Get Stunning, Sparkling, Superior Hair Colour Plus Velvety Hair with L’Oréal Paris

When it comes to hair colour, Asian women aren’t afraid to go all out! After all, hair colour is as essential as a lipstick – it’s a beauty statement! The colour du jour? Brighter and more intense hues like reds and browns that really complement the Asian skin tone. 
To give Asian women a protective home hair colouring option to get the colour they desire, L’Oréal Paris introduces a new fashion extension of its No.1 hair colour Excellence – L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion!
With Excellence Fashion, Asian women can now get the intensity they want for their hair. Inspired by the glamour of Paris, Excellence Fashion coats hair with not only sparkling visible colour but also spectacular shine. Says Christophe Robin, Colorist Expert for L’Oréal Paris and the person behind the creation of Excellence Fashion’s sparkling shades, “The shades of Excellence Fashion were designed specifically to sublimate the unique skin tone of the Asian woman.”

Excellence Fashion brings superior results to hair with its unique formula:

Its Shine Complex coats hair with amazing shine, where colour stands out brilliantly and brighter.

With Excellence Fashion, hair colour lasts longer.

A signature of all L’Oréal Paris Excellence hair colour – Triple-Care Technology! Excellence Fashion’s Triple-Care Technology is an advanced technology, concentrating three powerful ingredients – Ceramide, Amino Acids and Collagen – to provide hair with the protective care it deserves.

The result? Long-lasting sparkling hair colour with spectacular shine and hi-visibility, as well as stronger, silkier hair! Splash out in five stunning fashion shades by Excellence Fashion – Golden Brown Nude, Intense Copper Red, Intense Spicy Red, Intense Copper Brown and Intense Violet Brown.  Excellence Fashion has been tested for safety and is so easy to use. Just follow the safety and care instruction sheet for stunning results. 
L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion is available October 2013 nationwide at a recommended retail price of RM34.90. Experience fashionable hair colour at its most visible, sparkling and long lasting.

Sparkling visible colour. Spectacular shine. The latest colour trend in hair, inspired by the glamour of Paris. 

Found on every woman’s bathroom shelf, oil has already become an integral part of skin care
and is now a miracle haircare product that protects, moisturizes and beautifies.

Discover, for the first time, oils that have been especially conceived for every type of hair.
Back by years of experience in haircare, L’Oréal Paris is innovating once again with unique
products that meet all of your haircare wants and needs: Extraordinary Oils.
At the crossroads between beauty care and haircare, their rich, non-greasy, light formulas
adapt according to how they are used for the needs of every type of hair as they enhance
manageability to make styling easier.

Potent elixirs, Extraordinary Oils are the perfect products for bringing out the natural beauty of
every type of hair and hair texture without weighing it down.

Thanks to a clever mix of active ingredients, the formulas in the Extraordinary Oils range supply the hair with dazzle, nourishment, softness and shine — all with a light touch. A result of the alchemy of 6 precious floral oil extracts, L'Oréal Paris Laboratories designed Extraordinary Oils as indispensable ingredients for beautiful hair.
Even in the bloom of health, normal hair needs to be properly nourished and protected
to preserve its dazzle and vitality. The Extraordinary Oil formula for normal hair nourishes the
hair fiber and helps protect it from daily aggressions: brushing, straightening, pollution…
Cleverly-designed formulas that are suitable for every type of hair and that don’t weigh it down.
Vibrant, dazzling color that lasts longer! Backed by decades of color expertise, L'Oréal Paris Laboratories created an oil especially adapted to the needs of hair-colored and highlighted hair.

Repeated shampooing, sun, and pollution are all forms of aggression that damage hair-colored
and highlighted hair. The color loses its dazzle and shine. An alchemy of 6 rare floral oils expertly combined with UVB sunscreens, the formula protects and intensely nourishes the hair to make the hair fibers beautifully silky and bring out the vibrancy of the color.

L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oils is available from 1st September 2013 onwards at pharmacies, hypermarket, supermarkets and selected departmental stores at a recommended retail price of RM39.90 for 100ml.

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