Dettol Radiance Cleanses, Moisturizes and Rejuvenates for Healthy Radiant Skin

Everyday our skin is robbed of its health and vitality by dirt and grease from pollution and perspiration that comes with hectic city living. All these can contribute to skin pigmentation, early signs of aging and skin that appears dull, tired and unhealthy.

Following the successful introduction of its Natural range last year, Dettol, the trusted hygiene expert continues to provide innovative and unique body wash by launching new Dettol Radiance. Formulated to meet women’s beauty needs, this new bath product delivers beyond cleansing by combining Dettol’s trusted protection with a blend of skin-benefiting Vitamins and moisturiser to reveal skin’s inner beauty and radiance. 
Senior Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Steven Chow explained the importance of keeping skin healthy.  “Your skin is the main organ that keeps the barrier between you and the environment.  It holds your vital body fluids in, controls your temperature and prevents loss of water and body nutrients.  It keeps microbes out to prevent infection or keeps you healthy.  It has one of the most important roles in protecting our body and keeping our internal body environment safe.  Thus, we should keep it as healthy as possible,” he said.

On ways to maintain healthy skin, Dr. Chow recommends “regular cleansing to remove sweat, pollutants and harmful bacteria from skin to keep it clean and healthy; and to use moisturiser for dry skin to maintain the skin’s protective barrier”. 
Dettol Radiance works by removing germs and impurities that cause dull skin and replenishing nourishment to skin to reveal its inner radiance, making it glow with health. Formulated with a unique blend of Vitamins C and B3, it keeps the skin rejuvenated, bright, smooth and hydrated for longer periods after each use. Vitamin C is often lauded as the perfect antioxidant to ensure healthy, supple skin while Vitamin B3 has long been regarded as the secret behind younger and firmer skin. 
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Additionally, Dettol Radiance also contains Glycerine (5 times more moisturisers*), a powerful moisturiser that hydrates skin to combat or prevent dryness, and retains moisture in skin for longer suppleness.

 “At Reckitt Benckiser, we continuously innovate based on consumer feedback. Women generally prefer body cleansing products with pleasant floral fragrant and added hydration benefits, but there are only a handful of those available in the market that offers anti-bacterial protection at the same time. Dettol Radiance contains a skin-loving elixir of Vitamins C and B3, together with Glycerine, to give skin a healthy, radiant glow while keeping it clean and germ-free. In fact, our research shows almost 70% of consumers feel their skin is healthier and glows after using Dettol Radiance**” said Tiffany Tang, Dettol Marketing Manager.

*Compared to Dettol Original Shower Gel
**GR PC Astra KSA PA #64925/MR #DET12GL030 Final Report with volumes – 21st August 2012

Nadia Heng, local celebrity and Miss World Malaysia 2010 agrees wholeheartedly with the concept of keeping skin, germ-free and healthy. “I believe health isn’t just about watching what you eat, it’s also about what you use on your skin. I want to stay protected from elements of the environment and weather.  I always thought anti-bacterial body wash will be drying for the skin.  After trying Dettol Radiance, I’m very surprised that it is not drying at all. In fact, I love the mild fragrance and my skin feels smoother and plumper, even after only a few days of usage!” she enthused.
My thoughts: I know that I'm protecting from Germ by using Dettol Radiance everyday. This is very important for our personal hygiene especially when I have two young kids. Dettol Radiance has a mild scent and we like it's foamy texture.

Reveal your skin’s inner glow today with Dettol Radiance and bid dry, dull skin goodbye.  Here’s to healthier, more hydrated and germ-free skin! All Dettol products are dermatologically-tested and are proven to be kind to skin.

Dettol Radiance Body Wash is now available in 250 ml, 625 ml and 950 ml bottles at all major pharmacies, super markets and hypermarkets nationwide, from RM8.50 to RM21.90.

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