Korea’s No. 1 Holistic Luxury Skincare - Sulwhasoo Opens New Counter in Parkson 1 Utama

Sulwhasoo, the leading luxury holistic brand in Korea has opened yet another new counter at Parkson Departmental Store in 1 Utama recently. This is Sulwhasoo’s third counter in Malaysia since the opening of its flagship counter in Parkson Pavilion earlier this year and another in Parkson Gurney Plaza mid of the year. 
Sharing with you some brand story of Sulwhasoo here: Sulwhasoo is the Korean translation of “snowflower”, which is known to bloom even under the most severe weather conditions. Sulwhasoo represents and celebrates women’s beauty and inner strength.

Sulwhasoo is conceived based on the Korean ancient wisdom of Sang-Seng (ultimate harmony), the belief that all things exist in relation to one another, and optimal vitality is achieved when these objects exist in harmony and balance. In keeping with its philosophy, Sulwhasoo formulas foster harmony between body and mind by promoting balance through scents, textures and tactile application; harmony between wisdom and research by combining traditional techniques and breakthrough discoveries; and finally harmony between human and nature through harvesting beneficial, balancing herbal ingredients from nature. 
According to theories of Korean herbal medicine, when the Yin and Yang (contrary) energies in the body are balanced, true Sang-Seng is achieved and skin glows from deep inside to exude a kind of harmonious beauty. The theories also tell us that the body’s energies change at intervals of seven years. As vital energies diminish, the skin becomes prone to dryness and dehydration and significantly more vulnerable to the aging process. Sulwhasoo draws from the ancient wisdom of Sang-Seng to restore balance and strengthen the energies that are crucial to younger looking skin.

There are four major lines selling at Sulwhasoo Malaysia, namely
1)      Essential Line for natural healthy beautiful skin 

2)      Hydro-aid Line for a well-balanced, moisturized and supple skin

3)      Timetreasure for a youthful and radiance skin 

4)      Men’s Line for healthy, elastic skin

Amongst them, there are 3 best sellers products; 

1)      First Care Activating Serum, 60 ml, Retails at RM250 each 

The First Care Activating Serum is an essential boosting serum formulated with traditional Korean herbs to assure optimal skin care results, promote balance and replenish essential moisture and nutrients, regardless of age and skin type.

It is one of Sulwhasoo’s flagship products that share the brand’s history since its launch in 1997. With 9 bottles sold every minute in 2011, the First Care Activation Serum is the brand bestseller and accredited as the best product by Korean media and beauty community.

How to use:
After facial wash in the morning and evening, pump 2 to 3 times into palm and apply with fingertips. Gently wrap the face with hands to help absorption of the product.

2)      Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream, 60 ml, Retails at RM650 each 

The Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream is an anti-aging skincare cream formulated to deliver nutrient-rich ginseng to the deepest layers of the skin to restructure and revitalize skin cells from within and eliminate the signs of aging.

How to use:
Apply every morning and evening. Take appropriate amount and gently/evenly spread onto the face.

3)      Timetreasure Renovating Cream, 50 ml, Retails at RM890 each 

An emulsion formulated with traditional Korean herbs to promote a soft glow while simultaneously refining skin texture.

How to use:
After applying Timetreasure Perfecting Water every morning and evening, dispense an appropriate amount on your palm and use all fingers to gently spread on your face from the middle of the face and outwards. 
I enjoyed my hand massage using it’s benecircle massage cream in Sulwhasoo Parkson 1 Utama counter some time ago. 

With this latest counter opening, Sulwhasoo hopes to reach out to a wider target market in the Klang Valley. “Sulwhasoo was established in 1997 in Korea and has now become a global brand spanning from Asia to the US. However, the brand is relatively new in Malaysia and with the opening of more counters, we hope to be able to reach out to more customers and also increase the visibility of our brand for greater brand awareness,” said Lau Shin Yee, Brand Manager of Sulwhasoo Malaysia.

Offerings that one can expect at The Sulwhasoo Parkson 1 Utama counter include skincare and base makeup products, skin consultation with complimentary ginseng tea or green tea for every customer.

“This new counter in Parkson 1 Utama will also be the first Sulwhasoo counter in Malaysia to offer facial spa service in the near future,” added Lau. Lau said the facial spa room is expected to be ready by Q1 of 2014 and would be offering various packages for its traditional Korean facial spa. Yay, we could also enjoy Sulwhasoo’s facial spa services in Malaysia very soon too! 
Just like other Sulwhasoo counters in Malaysia, this new counter retails a wide range of Sulwhasoo’s products which include the Cleansing Line, Essential Line, Hydro-aid Line, Timetreasure Line, Special Care, Optional Care, Body Care, Evenfair Makeup Line and Men’s Line. 
There are also some Holiday Sets on sales in this joyous season. 
For more information on Sulwhasoo, visit www.sulwhasoo.com.my

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