My Beauty Resolutions for 2014!

Happy Winter Solstice festival everyone! Wow, time really flies, can you believe we are now counting down 9 days to 2014?!

2013 is a fruitful and busy year for me, and I’m glad what God has given to me this year. Although working wise it’s a bad and unforgettable year with my ex-manager, but I know 2014 is gotta be good again with the new manager. And of course my biggest wish would be stay pretty as always.
So, when I know about The Butterfly Project January 2014 Project, I know I must attend it to be benefited from learning more about natural and botanical beauty stuff from YADAH! Brand.  I’ve been hearing so many good and positives feedbacks from other beauty bloggers but I haven’t have chance to try it out yet.
Even though there are many sponsored opportunities on aesthetics treatments throughout these years, I am actually hesitating to try them out at this moment. I still prefer to achieve my beauty resolutions with something organic, chemical-free, no artificial colouring, contains natural plant ingredients which is gentle yet effective on my skin. I know that YADAH! Could help me with this.

Back to my Beauty Resolutions for 2014 - is to stay young and having flawless skin so that whenever I going out with my daughters, we would look likes sisters instead of mum and daughters lol.
Don't call me Aunty, call me Jie Jie... because we are 3 sisters LoL

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