Garnier Olia Offer Women a New Colouring Experience

Garnier hair colour has enters a new era with the latest product - OliaGarnier Olia is a game changer. Home hair colour will never be the same again.
The creation of Garnier Olia began with a dream, a boundless dream that let nothing stand in its way. Garnier Olia makes it possible to achieve the colour while visibly improving hair quality and providing optimal scalp comfort.
Garnier Olia revisits the preparation and application experience, including texture, galenic and fragrance, to transform hair colour into a moment of pleasure. Garnier Olia has reinvented home hair colour to offer women a new colouring experience.

Power, Garnier Olia makes colour thrill faster. 
Respect, Garnier Olia visibly improves hair quality.
Sensorial, Garnier Olia transforms hair colour into a beauty ritual.
Reinventing Technology Through the Power of Oil

 “The ultimate goal of customers is to turn the process of hair colouring into a pleasurable experience and leave hair more beautiful than before. Huge progress has already been made in terms of achieving healthy, glossy hair fibers with pleasant fragrance and optimal scalp comfort. The solution is ODS, the Oil Delivery System, a new formula based on the power of oils. Researchers found that a molecule combined with oil could maximize the effects of hair lightening. This opens up a whole new era in hair colouring,” said Patricia Pineau, Scientific Communication Direction of L'OREAL Research & Innovation.

During traditional permanent colouring, two processes occur simultaneously: the lightening of the natural hair colour and the replacement of some of the hair’s melanin with colorants.
We can use this method to change natural hair colour, bring out intense tones and achieve excellent coverage of greys. The lightening effect takes place through the combined actions of an alkaline agent and hydrogen peroxide.

Laboratories have now found a way to obtain permanent coloration without ammonia using an oil-rich system. ODS technology boosts the lightening effect, thereby doing away with the traditional need for ammonia, and its accompanying smell.
This oil-based system also maximize coloration within the fiber. The oil contained in Garnier Olia covers the fiber and coats its surface. The high concentration of oil boost the alkaline agent’s penetration into the fiber to enable colorants to achieve maximum coloration within the capillary fiber.

Therein lies the magic of the Garnier Olia technology. This new coloration system empowers colour’s potential and leaves hair looking visibly healthier. 
What about the ammonia smell? It’s been replaced by a subtle, delicate fragrance. The strong, heady odours no longer exist. What has replaced them? A light fragrance. Fruity top notes: lime, pineapple, crab apple and pear. Floral middle notes with dog rose and jasmine, and base notes with the deep sensuality of amber, tiaré blossom and patchouli. 

Garnier Olia reinvents hair colour and transforms it into a completely new and sensorial experience.
The developer bottle is transformed. Shaped as a drop, it fits perfectly in the hand.
Aesthetic and functional, the applicator has been slimed for a better application precision. 
Garnier Olia colour is alive, generous, deep and full of reflection. Garnier Olia comes in 9 color shades, and are available at pharmacies, hypermarket, supermarkets and selected departmental stores at a RRP of RM 34.90
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LauraLeia said...

Ahhh, I really want to try these hair dyes now before CNY! :D


Dear Rane,

You've been nominated for a Liebster Award in my recent blog post! :D Come on over to see my questions for you, and of course, to accept the 'award' and carry it forward, hehe ^^

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hihi Laura, let me know your thoughts after trying ;)

Thanks for the Liebster Award nomination! ^ ^ And a Very Happy New Year 2014 to you & your family!

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