Pureology’s Save Water. Give Water. Program 2013

Do you know that the worldwide water crisis has become more and more serious, with approximately 800 million people lacking access to clean drinking water every day?

In conjunction with 2013’s globally recognized World Water Day, Pureology is excited to announce its groundbreaking Save Water. Give Water. Campaign 2013.
Sustainability is all about preserving the environment, benefiting communities, and generating positive profits. No longer part of a marketing trend, it is the future of business strategy.

L’Oréal, as a corporation, has set ambitious goals for waste, water and CO2 reductions. Pureology is a pioneer in sustainability among L’Oréal brands. Pureology, the critically accaimed products for colour treated hair has a heritage of environmental consciousness, using green botanicals and 100% vegan formulas since its inception.

Ever year, Water conservation is the biggest initiation for Pureology worldwide as since 1998, Pureology has partnered with Green Cross International (GCI) to sponsor and help the children and women in Ghana enjoy safe drinking water and proper sanitation (http://www.gcint.org/Pureology)
Imagine, children in Ghana need to walk miles away from home to the rivers just to get water.
“I sincerely appeal to people everywhere to come to our aid, because we really need their support to make a difference in my region. People are suffering and I pray that they will come to our aid.”

– Sharifatu Yussif, 21 year old assistant teacher from Makango in Northern Ghana.
Why Water?

Imagine a worldwide water crisis as around 800 million people all over the world don’t have access to clean drinking water, and more than 1 billion people lack proper sanitation!

Also, in hairdressers industry, water is the most use natural resources in the salons, from washing the consumer hairs up to washing their used towels.

In 2012, Pureology has re launch its new packaging renovation with break through formulas and production method to reduce water usage at company level.
Joyce, Pureology Assistant Product Manager welcome the media and guests at the launch event

This year, Pureology will continue to pursue their sustainability endeavors. In addition, Pureology will bring a pioneering edge to the salon industry with The Save Water. Give Water. Program, which consists of two support strategies:

1. Limited Edition Hydrate:

With the sale of these products and other fundraising efforts, Pureology will contribute to Green Cross International’s clean water programs, and other approved local initiatives. Whenever consumers purchase products from this stunning collection, one Euro will go to Green Cross International.
Limited Edition Hydrate Shampoo (250ml, 8.5 FL OZ)  & Limited Edition Hydrate Condition (250ml, 8.5 FL OZ)

The vibrant artwork on Limited Edition packaging is a compilation of drawings by school children at the Makango School in Northern Ghana.

2. WaterSaverTM Salon Program:   This campaign engages salons with the brand new and innovative WaterSaver Salon digital tool, and challenges them to reduce their water usage by estimating their current usage and identifying ways to conserve water.

This inventive tool guides salon owners or stylists through various daily activities where water is used. It asks them simple questions, and evaluates water usage based on data estimates. It finally gives users the opportunity to make commitments within their salons to reduce the amount of water they are currently using. Pureology is truly entering the digital revolution with this website that is optimized for mobile and tablet devices. Visit Pureology WaterSaver Salon Tool today [http://pureology.bestfootforward.com].

These two programs together provide a multi-dimensional sustainability strategy for our hairdressers industry to help to improve the state of our environment and elevate the quality of life for those less fortunate.
Would you pledge for puregreen?
To learn more about Green Cross International or to donate to the Smart Water for Green Schools program, visit the website (www.gcint.org/pureology).
Jojo Struys and Ning Baizura at the media launch

Preserve What Matters. All Pureology formulas offer an industry first: Longer Lasting Hair Colour – Guaranteed! ® It's good for your hairs as well as for the planet.
Beautiful 3 of us: (L to R) Nicole, Jojo Struys & Rane

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