Oil Care That’s A Cut Above – New Redken Diamond Oil

Redken has officially launched its NEW DIAMOND OIL that provides Shatterproof Strength and Multi-Faceted Shine at Stage Club, Avenue K last Tuesday.
Redken Diamond Oil is its first silicone-free hair oil treatment, the antidote for dull/damaged hair.
More than a cosmetic shine boost, new Diamond Oil’s unique range of care and oil treatments is the first of its kind to provide numerical claims for strength and shine.

Shine Strong Complex with the strengthening power of IPN penetrates different layers of the hair with nourishing oils evenly dosed by a dropper dispenser to reinforce hair strands and intensify shine.
Polished to perfection, Diamond Oil delivers strength for 3X stronger hair*, radiant clarity for 2X more shine**, smoothness for 3X more conditioning***, and resilience for 3X less hair breakage+.

How does it work?

Science & technology

// Diamond Oil with Redken’s exclusive Interlock Protein Network provides strength while the Shine Strong Complex delivers a nourishing blend of coriander, camelina and apricot oils.

// Due to their molecular weights and triglyceride lengths, each of these oils was chosen for their unique ability to infuse strands and penetrate different layers of the hair.

// It is important to note that Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Oils are silicone-free whereas Diamond Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Facets Mask are not silicone-free.


Redken’s exclusive Interlock Protein Network delivers protein to strengthen hair from the inside out (IPN is included in the Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask)

• Camelina Oil: fills in gaps at the peripheral layer to soften.

• Apricot Oil: penetrates uniformly through multi-layers to the core to condition from the inside out.


• Enhances color radiance.

• Coriander Oil: smoothes just below the cuticle to boost shine.

Redken Diamond Oil range contains Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Facets(Mask), Shatterproof Shine and Shatterproof Shine Intense.

Shatterproof Shine contains apricot & coriander oil which is suitable for normal to fine hair.
Whereas Shatterproof Shine Intense contains camelina, apricot & coriander oil that’s suitable for coarse hair.

Redken Diamond Oil is suitable for both dull/damaged hair as well as healthy hair.

Damaged Hair

The result of mechanical wear such as combing/brushing, blow-drying, ironing and towel drying. Hair has naturally varying degrees of elliptical layers. The outermost layer of the hair is the cuticle. It contains a series of overlapping flush scales of keratin. When the cuticle is subjected to mechanical damage the scales lift, become frayed and tear away. This fanned; blown-out cuticle scatters light, rather than reflecting it. This lack of reflectivity results in a dull appearance. Damaged hair needs about 2 to 6 drops of Diamond Oil for each application.

Healthy Hair

A healthy cuticle, by contrast, lies smooth and flat along the hair, and works to reflect light, creating a shiny appearance, Diamond Oil not only revives and restores the health and vibrancy of the hair – smoothing the cuticle, increasing reflectivity – but it also penetrates to deeply nourish the hair, strengthening it from the inside out. The cuticle layer, then sealed in a shiny, soothing layer of oils, helps to protect the hair against the cycle of mechanical damage. Normal to dry hair only needs 2-3 drops per application.

Redken Diamond Oil could be used as Pre Treat to balances hair’s moisture; Overnight Treatment to provides instance repair and replenishment; With Conditioner to help prevent breakage; With Mask to provide intense moisture; Pre-Blow – Dry to eases detangling and styling; Dry Hair to restores flexibility; and even On Skin to helps moisturize dry skin.

It’s such a fantastic product that leaves hair feeling fortified and sparkling with intense, diamond-like shine. 
Serena C was the emcee of the launch


Hair stylists performed a spectacular live hair style at the Diamond Oil launch event.
L to R: Thanuja Ananthan, Serene C and Debbie Goh
Bravo the Redken Malaysia team! 

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