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I first heard about EVE LOM from other Malaysian bloggers last year, all of them rave about the EVE LOM Cleanser and rescue mask. Since then, I’ve always curious about EVE LOM and I always wanted to try it. I’m glad that I was invited by Luxasia to join the EVE LOM workshop last month and found out more about the brand and the products.
EVE LOM’s International Skincare Expert and Trainer, Mariesa Ferraro shared to us the brand’s history before she walked us through the products.
EVE LOM’s International Skincare Expert and Trainer, Mariesa Ferraro

EVE LOM was found by a world-renowned facialist who was born in zechoslovakia and has been based in London since the early 1980s. Eve first became interested in cosmetic chemistry while living in France. This led her to Hollywood, where she met the renowned skin specialist Georgette Klinger and began to learn about facial treatments.
Eve has always believed that beauty demands commitment:

“Cleansing and exfoliation are the most important in any skincare regime and most people just don’t do it regularly. This is a big mistake, because by regularly exfoliating dead skin cells will be removed, the skin can breathe better and the cell renewal process will be in balance which again is the key to a fresh, young looking complexion. Regular cleansing also helps pores to shrink and fight off cystic blemishes and skin inflammation”.
Today, with over 25 years under its belt EVE LOM is regarded as one of the worlds most acclaimed and sought after beauty brands. Evolving from the original cult cleansing balm deemed by Vogue as “probably the best cleanser in the world", EVE LOM have developed into a comprehensive range that is simple, beautiful and effective for all skin types and ages.

I'm hooked with the amazing result of EVE LOM skin care. My skin looked really good the morning after the hands-on workshop. Even it’s just one application; I can feel that my skin is flawless and subtle. Let’s look into what I’ve tried during the workshop.
Jennie was the model of the day, and she was impressed with the instant result!

First we tried the iconic cleanser that could remove makeup (non waterproof type) and clean the skin effectively. We were told that the formula remains unchanged from 25 years ago until now, amazing isn’t it?
A little is all you need because it is greasy and you can really spread a small amount all over the face. EVE LOM cleanser cleanses, tones, exfoliates, and improves the overall skin condition and circulation, hence we could skip the toner. I like the muslin cloth that is so soft and gentle to my skin.
Mariesa Ferraro has advised us the 7-step massage which promotes a clearer and more radiant complexion. The massage is based on lymphatic drainage techniques and focuses on acupressure. You could view the massage video here.

EVE LOM cleanser is really a wonderful product; I was wonder why did I wait so long to give this amazing cleanser a try.

Cleanser 50ml RM215, 100ml RM295, 200ml RM455

The ultimate deep cleansing treatment, Rescue Mask is an award-winning complexion booster that removes impurities without drying the skin for a refined and radiant complexion. Suitable for all skin types, use as a regular deep cleanse treatment 2 to 3 times per week or as an emergency mask for sluggish stressed out skin, to reduce irritation and erupted conditions. Shake the tube or stir the tub well and apply over entire cleansed face and neck. Leave for 15-20 minutes, rub off gently with upwards movements then wipe skin clean with a damp EVE LOM Muslin Cloth.

Rescue Mask can also be used as an instant pick me up for puffy, morning after or jet lagged eyes: just dilute a little with water, apply under the eye, leave for five minutes and gently remove with a damp cotton pad.
It contains cooling camphor to decongest, ground almond extract to reduce redness, kaolin to absorb excess oil, reduce puffiness and ground almonds to gently exfoliate. It also contains honey and glycerine to condition and soften skin.
Rescue Mask 50ml (tube) RM185, 100ml (jar) RM295

Quench and replenish dull, dehydrated skin with EVE LOM’s multi-tasking gel-based Moisture Mask. Formulated with a targeted blend of ingredients the advanced complex works to rehydrate and restore the moisture balance of the skin, whilst also helping to prevent future water loss, resulting in rehydrated, refreshed and radiant skin that’s visibly smoother and refined.

Suitable for all skin types, Moisture Mask is the ideal solution for skin exposed to external aggressors such as pollution, weather change and central heating. It contains Advanced Moisture Complex, to help restore moisture levels in the skin by improving the skin’s barrier integrity and helping prevent future skin dehydration whilst being known to increase cellular renewal for a more radiant complexion; An Aqua Complex, renowned to help increase moisture content in all layers of the epidermis and promote long-lasting hydration; Sodium Hyaluronate, to help increase water retention in the skin and promote long-lasting hydration and Vitamin E, to help protect the skin from environmental damage.
Moisture Mask 100ml RM348

Moisture does great things to our skin and EVE LOM Intense Hydration Serum is the master. Clinically proven to increase your skin’s moisture levels by up to 20% in just two hours, our simple but highly effective concentrate uses Hyaluronic Acid (which is also produced naturally in the body) to help smooth, plump, hydrate and protect your complexion. So, when your skin feels parched, help replenish your inner supplies and give your skin a long, cool drink of EVE LOM.
Intense Hydration Serum 30ml RM405

EVE LOM looks to the power of milk for our age-defying Intense Firming Serum. Research brought EVE LOM to MPC Concentrate, a simple but hugely potent milk extract, packed with Cytokines to leave your skin smoother, firmer and rejuvenated. A few little drops, as part of your morning and evening routine, will help stimulate connective tissue and strengthen the dermis. The result is visibly younger looking skin.

Intense firming Serum 30ml RM405

Wrap your skin in tender lover care with the soothing powers of EVE LOM TLC Cream. A heaven sent solution for maturing or deeply needy skin that feels tight and stretched. This deliciously comforting cream works wonders as a night cream for dry skin and on the neck and décolletage for all skin types.

The special blend of plant oils and extracts incorporates the Rolls Royce of aromatics, Rose Otto of Bulgaria, to give concentrated and intensely relaxing results. Skin is energised and soothed, deeply nourished and glowing with life, every day.
EVE LOM Eye Lift is targeted to firm and smooth the eye contour area. Calling on the effective charms of Retinol, (which has been carefully encapsulated for use around the eye contour) and five other active ingredients, this age-defying eye treatment helps to lift, firm and smooth the delicate eye contour area, while imparting radiance and long lasting hydration.

Eye Lift 15ml RM260

I like the Kiss Mix a lot; it gives a cooling feeling which really refreshing while soothes and moisturize my dry lips. Kiss Mix could defends against dryness and chapping lips.
Kiss Mix 7ml RM85

Today, the EVE LOM collection continues to receive numerous accolades, gain international press, attract celebrity following, and is highly acknowledged as an authority in prestige skincare. EVE LOM is a wonderful discovery for me, I’d strongly suggest you try them out at EVE LOM counter at Parkson @ Pavilion KL; Suria KLCC; 1 Utama; and Parkson @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.
We had fun at the small game
Guess what? I was the winner of the game, yay! ^ ^ Thanks EVE LOM & Luxasia!

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