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Hi genuine people, are you always having problems looking for Genuine products online? Well I’ve recently found a seller that is really genuine to make the beauty accessible - www.hishop.my
I’ve received their May surprise box some time ago, which contains a few vouchers and two amazing products. I’ve got a white color Twistband and a bottle of Heaven on Earth Cellulite & Fat Buster Body massage blend.
Originating from the US, the Twistband is your hair’s best friend. In fact, it’s the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear on your hair or wrist. Twistbands are easy to wear and are available in assorted colors and styles.
I like it because it’s really comfortable and even my girl could use it. It really stay tightly on her hair hence the teacher did not complain anymore about her loose hair in the school.
For more information about Twistband, please visit www.thetwistband.com
100% pure and natural and formulated in Australia; Heaven on Earth Cellulite & Fat Buster Body massage blend is a rejuvenating body massage oil to stimulate, relax and nurture your soul, tantalizing your senses to help you feel good again after a long day. It contains Grapeseed base oil, Juniper Berry, Grapefruit, Lemon & other essential oil. Cellulite & Fat Buster is a bile-secretion stimulator to aid digestion of fats. Heaven on Earth Cellulite & Fat Buster Body massage blend is a diurectiv blend that regulates body’s fluids and let me keep fit after giving birth recently.
It’s pretty affordable as 100ml is only RM 89.

Now, let’s look at the vouchers that I received.

8% discounts on milkadeal Discount Code ‘MAD0613’ and White.My Discount Code ‘WHITE0613’. HiSHOP RM 20 cash voucher Discount Code ‘HS0613’ against purchases worth RM 100 and above until 30th June 2013. You could use this discount code to get discount on these website too as it’s accept multiples redemption.
Another interesting voucher is the exclusive May Discount Code ‘HISURPRISE’ to get RM 20 off your total purchase with minimum RM99 until 31st July 2013.

So girls and guys, what are you waiting for? Logon to www.hishop.my to get your favorite products.

HiSHOP email address: contact@hishop.my

HiSHOP phone number: +6-03-7725 2170

HiSHOP Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hishopmy

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