Review: SK II Cellumination Essence EX

Ever wonder how SK-II brand ambassadors always have crystal clear skin with minimal make up in TVC and Magazines’ Ad?
I heard of SK-II since I was a teenager because all my aunts rave about it. Since then, I always cellumination Essence EX 2 wondered what this miracle water is and why everybody love it? Could you imagine the first time I tried SK-II was at my 15. I secretly used my aunt’s SK-II while I overnight at her home that time. :P

Thanks to the miracle of SK-II, I started my miracle journey with SK-II Pitera Essence Starter Kit Set and SK II cellumination Essence EX 2 months ago.

I received generous SK-II products to try which includes SK-II starter kit and cellumination Essence EX.

SK-II starter kit includes a piece of SK II facial treatment mask, 40ml facial treatment clear lotion and 75ml facial treatment essence. These products are just amazing!
Just after a few days of using SK-II facial treatment clear lotion, my white heads and black heads comes out itself when I wipe my face! From then onwards, my extractions time during facial is reduced because my face is so clean and smooth. My BA had amazed of my skin condition turning so good and she asked me what products did I used.

How to use the SK-II facial treatment clear lotion? Soak a cotton pad with Clear Lotion. For best results, first wipe the oily T-zone, then the U-zone and the neck. Avoid Eye area.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

SK-II facial treatment essence is just another wonderful product. Even though the smell is not very pleasant, but it is a very good “Pre-serum” to me. It has even up my skin tone and tightens my pores.
How to use the SK-II facial treatment essence? Soak a cotton pad and gently pat it onto face and neck to enable skin to thoroughly absorb the nutrients. May be used on the eye area.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

SK-II Facial Treatment mask is a luxury mask that I enjoyed so much. I put on the mask and relax for 20 minutes on weekend to treasure my skin. My tired look after working for a week will become refreshing and moisture with one application of this mask instantly.

L: Before masking, face is dry and dull. R: After masking, face is brighten instantly!

My Rating: 5 out of 5, yay!

SK-II cellumination Essence EX is an improved formula of cellumination Essence. SK-II cellumination Essence EX 2 is a perfect essence which absorbs very fast and no greasy feeling at all. Most importantly, cellumination Essence EX has improved my skin texture, even up my skin tone and lighten my pigmentations. My face is perfect like never before now even from 20cm away! My friends and colleagues have been asking me my beauty secret after I using SK-II skin care, and I am always confident to recommend them SK-II because it’s really works for me.
Usage instruction: After applying clear lotion, take an appropriate amount (1-2 droppers) of essence onto palm. Smooth onto entire face and apply extra drops with gently knuckling motion onto your concerned area.
My Rating: 4 out of 5

Overall I am a Happy SK-II user. My skin is now extraordinary soft and youthful! Yay!

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sym said...

SK-II is pricey... but overall is very good products. if you are someone who look for better price, maybe you can try this website... (p/s: just for sharing as I'm a happy customer so far),

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