Clinelle Intelligent Anti-aging Beauty Solution - The Ingenius Optimizer Daily Booster with new Celebrity Ambassador - Penny Tai

Clinelle, a beauty brand known for combining science and nature to achieve healthy, radiant skin under the Esthetics International Group (EIG), announced the latest in its skin care product line with the launch of the Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster, the first innovative product introduced under their new anti-aging skincare range, Ingenius™.
Designed for women looking for simple, natural, yet effective beauty solutions (as well as those looking to boost up the benefits of their everyday skin regimen); the Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster is a revolutionary new product formulated to prime the skin in preparation to fight premature, aging skin.

This innovative anti-aging skincare product; armed with natural energy-boosting and nourishing ingredients; rejuvenates, repairs, nourishes and at the same time, renews the skin, while its patented emulsion-based technology allows the Optimizer Daily Booster to help improve the skin’s defense system, improve elasticity and soften skin. Not only is all of this done with a combination of the natural ingredients, it is done so without any toxic chemicals or synthetic preservatives.
 “The Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster is simply remarkable and extremely powerful. I had the opportunity to try the product before my appointment as Clinelle’s new Ingenius™ ambassador and I am amazed at the condition of my skin. I am completely hooked!” said Penny Tai, renowned singer-songwriter popular in both the Taiwan and Malaysian music scene.
Present to deliver his welcome speech was Group Chief Executive Officer of Esthetics International Group (EIG), Mr Roderick Chieng Ngee Kai, who shared, “The team behind Clinelle’s Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster has taken the Optimizer through extensive research studies and tests to ensure that it meets all of the expectations of a high-performing product. Results show that this new innovative product effectively helps to boost the results of your current skincare regimen; even after a single application! A definite must-have for every skin care user.”
The Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster was introduced to members of the public at the Guardian-Clinelle Roadshow which was held at the Old Wing Centre Atrium at the 1-Utama Shopping Centre. The roadshow which included lots of exciting promotions, games, fabulous prizes and freebies attracted thousands of visitors over the five day period; including fans of Penny Tai who came to see the beautiful starlet perform a song on Saturday, May 19th.

Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster

Having come a long way, complex sciences and the latest skin technologies have given the research teams at Clinelle a new understanding of skin and how it ages. Study after study demonstrates the benefits of having skin at its most optimum condition – skin that is radiant and healthy, properly nourished, hydrated and energized. It is based on this simple premise that the teams at Clinelle had their ‘Eureka’ moment.

From recent market research surveys, Clinelle discovered that most women were not seeing the real results of their skin care products. Clinelle also noted the fact that women continue to look for simple, efficient, natural beauty solutions that are safe, innovative and genuine, and yet affordable at the same time.
Taking all of these factors into consideration, the teams behind Clinelle was keen on producing a product whose functions were two-pronged – firstly, exfoliating the skin cells allowing for better absorption and penetration of ingredients, and, secondly, igniting the energy power plant of the cell, the mitochondria, for improved cellular energy resulting in an increased turnover of skin cells and skin renewal.
The result? An intelligent breakthrough discovery.

The Ingenius™ range, including the Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster, uses next generation, intelligent ingredients to protect and rejuvenate the cells.

Ingredients inside the Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster includes L-Carnitine, which acts as a ‘cell energizer’, transporting the necessary ingredients into the cell’s power plant and thus increasing skin cell turnover and assisting in skin renewal; Chronocyclin®, an anti-aging chronopeptide that mimics the cells responsible for improving your skin’s defense systems as well as Ursolisome® which helps to restores the dermal layer of your skin, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

In addition, the Optimizer Daily Booster product contain ingredients which not only assists in moisture retention but also helps in transporting essential ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, making them forces of anti-aging.
And if that is not enough, as with all the other Clinelle products, the Optimizer Daily Booster is free of artificial coloring, chemical fragrances, lanolin, mineral oils, SD-alcohol and comedogenic ingredients, all of which causes irreversible damage to your skin in the long run.
Clinelle’s Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster is to be applied regularly over cleansed and toned skin, followed by moisturizer and can be used every night with any skin care regimen.
The entire Ingenius™ line addresses the efficacy of the fundamental organelles, working at the deepest level with dual mechanisms of action – exfoliating and re-energizing; externally cleaning the skin and internally detoxifying impurities at the same time; recycling anti-oxidants to double up the effects of the skin’s defense system and instructing the cell to provide round-the-clock protection and regeneration properties, both day and night!

Put simply, the Clinelle’s Ingenius™ range corrects the passage of time and lays the foundation for younger, looking skin and timeless beauty. The Clinelle team has taken the range through its paces to ensure that it meets your expectations from a high-performing product. No needles, no procedures, no invasive skin treatments; just simple, yet effective beauty solutions that commit to feeding your skin with the very best in skin science.

More information about the Ingenius™ range of products can be obtained at and is available at exclusively at Guardian pharmacy. You could also join their facebook page – Clinelle – to keep abreast of Clinelle’s latest news and events.
Group picture of invited bloggers + Mr Roderick, Miss Susan & Mr Ben from Clinelle

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