Chanel "Baudrucheuse" Demonstrating Her Art

Last month I had the great honour to be invited by Chanel to an exceptional opportunity to see a "Baudrucheuse" Demonstrating Her Art at Suria KLCC.

Baudruchage is a unique skill and traditional technique, which meets the highest standards of quality. It was first introduced when N.5 was created, in 1921. Ever since then CHANEL has used this rare and ultimate finishing touch on all of its parfums to ensure that they are perfectly protected. This carefully choreographed techniqu requires dexterity, extreme precision and rapidly, for unique perfection, in 4 steps.

Please click to view the video clip below to view the process.
Step 1: Preparing and Positioning The Baudruche
The Baudruche is a natural membrane, in the form of a fine sheet. It is placed unser water to become more supple. The "Baudrucheuse", using her hands, can place the membrane delicately around the neck and stopper of the bottle.

Step 2: Adding The Pearl Cotton Thread
With a quick and nimble movement, the Baudrucheuse ties a strand of pearl-cotton thread around the neck of the bottle(once around the upper part, twice around the lower part) to hold the Baudruche in place. A double knot is made, and the excess thread is cut off. There is a specific colour of thread for each parfum.

Step 3: Trimming the Baudruche
Any parts of the Baudruche that extend onto the edges of the bottle are trimmed away. As it dries out, the Baudruche retracts, thus ensuring a perfectly water-and air-tight seal.

Stel 4: The Wax Seal
A drop of black wax is places on the next, on the front of the bottle, ready for the final step: stamping the CHANEL double C into the wax - a movement that is performed twice.

I had chance to try the step 4 and be honest, I found this job is not as easy as it seen. See my imperfect seal in the picture below. Gosh I think I have just damaged a bottle of No. 5!
Besides that, Chanel also has fragrance specialists that will help us find our signature scent in a personalized Olfactive journey at the Chanel Olfactive Bar.

The new Chanel Escape Perfum & Chanel Olfactive Bar can be found at Chanel Suria KLCC at Lot G07B, Ground Floor. You could call them at 03-21811546

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Sunshine Kelly said...

Chanel No.5 olala nice perfume :)

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