Indulge your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

Do you like to watch 3D movies? Yes, I do. I found that 3D movie provides more excitement and fun to the audience and I sometime even imagine myself as the actress in the movie! *Perasan*

From Avatar to Titanic, how could we not watch these great movies in 3D, right?

Now, imagine we don't need to queue at cinema to get a 3D movie ticket but we could indeed enjoy it at our home sweet home with family. Yay! Introducing LG Cinema 3D Smart TV that does the trick. How cool it is if I have a LG 3D Smart TV at my living hall!
I can't wait to take part in LG party with nuffnang because I want to excite my senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV! This not to be missed party will be held on Wed, 23rd May 2012 6:30 pm on wards at GSC Signature, Gardens @ Lounge area.

The best part is, there are total of 5 units of LG Blu-Ray Players, one Home Theather system and one spanking new 42” Cinema Screen LTV to give out at the party! Wow, thanks to the generous LG & nuffnangs! I can't wait to bring home the brand new 42" Cinema Screen LTV to enjoy Shrek 3D with my darling baby girl at home! Hurray!
Please let me win the passes to this coolest party in town!

Feel free to visit for more information of LG next generation 3D TV.

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