Whoosh Launches New Outlet at Sunway Pyramid & “Eye Am Stylish” 2017 Campaign

Whoosh launched its latest outlet at Sunway Pyramid on the first day of Mar 17, making it the 18th outlet to open since its inception in 2015. Whoosh, which is a subsidiary under Focus Point, has emerged to become a full-grown fashion eyewear brand well-received amongst those who enjoy fashionable and trendy eyewear almost instantly. Malaysia has in recent years seen a hike in a number of ‘open concept’ eyewear retailer brands opening their doors in major shopping malls. 
Dato Liaw, Datin Joyce and management of Whoosh cutting ribbon to officiate the opening of Whoosh outlet at Sunway Pyramid

“Open concept” optical stores have received strong demand from the public in Malaysia with its unique ‘stress-free’ experience which encourages consumers to try on and feel the eyewear products without being approached / ’harassed’ by shop assistants.

“This is precisely Whoosh’s edge which gives a sense of “freedom, space and openness” that appeal to younger generation consumers with high fashion consciousness, said Dato’ Liaw, CEO of Focus Point.
Trendy sunglasses by Whoosh on display at the store.

The affordable eyewear packages are something consumers can appreciate as well, especially in a highly-tensed economic environment.  A quick turnaround time with, for example, spectacles being ready within half an hour to an hour, has also enhanced the shopping experience for consumers.
Models looking cool and stylish in trendy sunglasses by Whoosh

The name “Whoosh” sounds like something flying by very quickly or to rush past explosively, which is exactly what the brand stands for -- “Fast. Fresh. Forward”.
Lives are becoming too fast-paced and busy for city dwellers.  There are so much activities to juggle and time is so limited. “In the case of our business, would it not be great if we can got our eyes tested, selected our eye wear and walked off with a fashionable eyewear suitable for you in what seems like a fleeting moment amidst our busy schedules?” asked Dato’ Liaw.

The brand is made exactly for the aforesaid modern fast-paced lifestyles, trendsetters and eyewear fashionistas who need to look stylish in a short time - as fast as 30 minutes. With Whoosh, everyone can own a fashionable, stylish eyewear in just a Whoosh!’ 

“As my favourite phrase for Whoosh goes, it’s for those Who Wants It Different and Those Who Wants It Now,” Dato Liaw said.
In conjunction with the launch of Whoosh, Whoosh also introduced a campaign called “Whoosh, Eye Am Stylish!” 2017.
Models looking stylish in Whoosh eyewear

Whoosh offers a wide range of designs in 5 distinctive styles, 4 fixed affordable prices and a great team of professional optometrists. A fashion show was conducted to bring out the essence of Whoosh’s latest & most attractive, unique series of eyewear under 5 categories -- Sunnies, Trendy, Urban, Vintage & Young range.

Evelyn Ch’ng, the Principal Image Consultant of Emage Style Consultancy (one of the Asia leading Image & Styling Consultancies) also headlined a sharing session on choosing eyewear according to the specific individual’s needs. Evelyn shared her insights on suitable fashion eyewear tailored according to a person’s face shapes, skin colour or even the person’s personality.
Me in Whoosh sunglasses

For more information on Whoosh, visit http://www.whoosheyewear.com/ and like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WhooshEyewear/


Alvin L said...

I've heard of Focus Point before but i didn't know that they had a subsidiary called Whoosh. Quite a cool concept to have glasses delivered in such a short time.

Sharon Lee said...

Congrats on their new outlet launching!! Definitely a great brand to get those classy and fashionable eyewear.

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