Spotless and Healthy Skin with The New Clarins White Plus Range

Like many other Asian women, I dream of achieving a beautiful skin, a spotless and healthy skin. However, I was born with tan skin and I didn’t take care of my skin until late 20’s hence my skin was dull, dry and there’s visible freckles on my cheeks too. I was also afraid of using brightening skincare products because I had a serious breakouts experience with one of the renowned brand’s whitening series, quite unlucky isn’t it?
Somehow I was also lucky that I did not gave up achieving my dream skin, and I have given Clarins Paris’ latest white plus range a try lately.

Launched in March 2017, Clarins White Plus Range give us a total brightening regimen made up of 5 complementary steps to naturally clear our skin: Purify, Prepare, Correct, Embellish and Revive.

For the 1st time, Clarins Research has identified the 3 stages of dark spot formation due to melanin overproduction.

Stage 1: Under normal conditions, there is a regular production of melanin by the melanocyte, which is transferred to the keratinocyte. Responsible for natural even skin tone which can then be affected by UV exposure and lead to FUTURE DARK SPOTS.

Stage 2: Under UV exposure, melanogenesis is enhanced by both the direct hyperactivity of the melanocyte and exosomes. This leads to an increase of melanin content in the keratinocyte, but not enough to be visible at the skin surface. These are what we called DARK SPOTS IN PROGRESS.

Stage 3: Over time or due to more intense UV exposure, the quantity of melanin accumulated in the keratinocytes reaches the level required to make the dark spot visible at the skin surface. These are STUBBORN DARK SPOTS.
Also for the 1st time, Clarins Research has identified the ability of acerola fruit extract to regulate the melanocyte’s environment by inhibiting the message contained in exosomes, proteins which trigger an overproduction of melanin. It helps in decreasing it by 24.5%*, significantly counterbalances the exosomes’ impact on melanin overproduction.

The new White Plus range able to control the movement of exosomes to keep melanin production under control and offer 3 complete anti-dark spot benefits (prevent, correct and control).


NEW Brightening Creamy Mousse Cleanser RM140
The essential first step to clean, refresh and relax the skin. It cleanses all impurities, sebum and pollution. With the action to leave the skin luminous and less dull.

Texture: A pale pink, whipped cream texture with a very gentle and comfortable feel.

Verdict: I love Clarins Brightening Creamy Mousse Cleanser! Clarins Brightening Creamy Mousse Cleanser is the most fine light mousse that I have used before. I am very much into foam cleansing as it is convenient and easy to use. With just 2 to 3 pumps, it cleanses my light makeup and dirt almost instantly, made my skin clean and purify. I enjoy using it a lot with its fresh and fruity scent.


NEW Brightening Aqua Treatment Lotion RM180
This treatment lotion is essential for preparing skin for the next skin care steps. With the action to hydrates and tones the skin.

Texture: A crystalline, invigorating lotion that provides a wonderfully fresh, fluid, moisturizing feel.
Verdict: I like its pleasant scent and light texture a lot. My skin is toned and refreshed after using Clarins Brightening Aqua Treatment Lotion. It has also brightened up my face and helps tightens my open pores without feeling greasy.

NEW Brightening Milk Treatment Lotion RM180
This milky treatment lotion is essential for preparing skin for the next skin care steps. With the action to hydrates and provides comfort.

Texture: A legendary formula, a very soft, nourishing, milky texture was compared to drinking milk. It leaves a soft, freshly powdered finish.


Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum RM350
A serum that specially formulated for Asian women’s skin, it helps to preserve flawless, even and translucent skin. With anti-dark spot action.

Texture: A luxuriously fine, comfortable, beauty-enhancing texture.


NEW Brightening Emulsion RM255
A delightful fluid emulsion which ensures radiant, fair skin all day long. With the action to nourishes, moisturizes, comforts and soften the skin.

Texture: A fine, melting texture which gives a sensation of freshness immediately after application.

NEW Brightening Emulsion SPF 20/PA+++ RM265
An exceptional milky emulsion which immediately creates a cushioned, plumped feeling to leave an incredible velvety, matte finish on the skin. With the action to moisturizes, comforts, matifies the skin and UV protection.

Texture: Incredibly soft and fluid, gives an unrivalled velvety touch to the skin.
Verdict: I like that I can easily pump out the amount that I needed. Comes with SPF 20/PA+++ sun protection, I would skip my sun block when I am indoor with this Brightening Emulsion. The lightweight fluid texture is easily absorbed into my skin without any greasy feeling, and my skin is moisturize despite it’s actually a brightening skincare product.

NEW Brightening Body Veil SPF20/PA+++ RM245
Evens, smoothes and moisturizes the skin. It completes the daily brightening regimen by providing long-lasting hydration and more luminous skin.

Texture: A wonderfully smooth, soft and melting texture. Non-sticky and quickly absorbed.


NEW Brightening Revive Gel RM285
This night gel feels incredibly fresh as it smoothes perfectly over the skin. Can also be used as sleeping mask or intensive mask. With the action to revive skin clarity, promotes more even, less yellowish skin.

Texture: A melting, cream-gel texture that offers soothing and relaxing benefits.
Verdict: Clarins Brightening Revive Gel is really incredible. Forget about the thick night cream and invest in this cream-gel texture night gel which is perfect for our weather here in Malaysia. It gives me a radiant skin from within just over a night.

Brightening Powder Foundation SPF15/PA++ RM185
The final step in the White Plus regimen, Brightening Powder Foundation contains the same key ingredients of the range to beautifully enhance a brighter complexion and achieve flawless, translucent skin.

It’s very fine powders subtly conceal dark spots, imperfections and scars. The complexion is perfectly velvety-smooth and even, with a totally natural-looking finish. The pearls in the formula cover the skin in a delicate “soft-focus” veil, like a skin-perfecting halo of light that instantly blurs pores and fine lines and illuminates the skin. It comes in 4 shades, helps to correct the colour of the complexion, minimizing grey and yellowish tones.

You can also opt to experience the whitening treatment called Whitening Activator at Clarins Skin Spa to help reduce the look of pigmentation disorders and brighten the skin. With the use of NEW ClarinsPRO product “Complexion Radiance Peel-off Mask” that contains acerola fruit and seed extracts, this treatment evens the complexion while restoring the skin’s healthy glow, pure transparency and velvety look. Clarins’ Whitening Activator treatment is priced at RM290 for 60 mins.
Overall, I am satisfied with the new range. After using it for 2 weeks, my skin looks luminous from within, my skin is also brighter, softer and smoother, and my uneven skintone has been improve by using the skincare range itself. I finally found a brightening skin care range that works for me without trouble me with breakout. The best part is, all the products are proudly made in France. Now we can all achieve our dream brightening skin with the new Clarins White Plus range.

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cindyrina said...

Nice range. I need this one.

Sunshine Kelly said...

I love their NEW Brightening Revive Gel that gives an instant hydration and brightening effect after using more that 2 weeks.

GengQian said...

love your photo la. will definitely check out their product range as i have heard rave reviews about this brand.

Emily said...

Just got home from a five-day trip and my skin is ravaged once again. Need help. Maybe this will be my solution.

licha said...

Would love to try clarins for long time now. But its just a tad bit expensive.

Blair Villanueva said...

Clarins is one of the early skincare and I love it. I stopped using it when it became unavailable here in Manila.

Unknown said...

Very nice review & swatches but what about ingredients ?

Can you add pics of their full ingredients list please ?


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