[Review] Althea Make Up Tool Box

As a beauty junkie, I love to explore into different makeup brands, tools and cosmetic products. It was so lucky that I have managed to grab a box of Althea Make Up Tool Box not long ago, which is a total steal as there are 8 items inside the box. The products inside worth RM 551 in total but it was on 78% discount so one only needs to pay RM 116 for a Althea Make Up Tool Box. Where else could we get this super deal? I believe only at Althea, which is the No. 1 digital destination for all things K-beauty - shopping, lifestyle, and trends.
As usual, the Althea Make Up Tool Box was delivered to me in perfect condition. All items were wrapped carefully inside the box, thanks Althea team for the effort of packaging to make sure we received the products in tip top condition.

So, back to the products inside Althea Make Up Tool Box.
First, clean our face with B&SOAP Black Block and B&SOAP pore cleansing brush. B&SOAP Black Block contains charcoal extracts that effectively removes the impurities including excessive oil or makeup residues. While the B&SOAP pore cleansing brush has soft, micro fine bristles that sweep away pore-clogging impurities, leave our skin cleansed up every day. One just need 3 minutes to deep cleanse without bare hands. Your skin will thank you for the cleaning and you will see a healthy skin with this practise.
Secondly, apply skincare products with pobling mini Ion Applicator. The silver and pink mini ion applicator is so cute and easy to use, it just need one AAA battery to operate. Just use it for 5 minutes every time and you could really see a huge different. Skincare absorbed better and my skin is softer and smoother after using this with my skincare products. 

I also use it while masking and the result is excellent. Made in Korea, this product itself is retails at RM 180.
Once our skin is prep, its time to start painting our face.
It’s my first time trying out the It’s Skin It’s Top Professional Touch Finish Correcting Foundation. The foundation comes in glass bottle, just like many high end brands in the market. The packaging is so unique as it comes with a ‘Pro Master Tip’, where the narrow tip precisely targets dark spots with better coverage, and the sider side tip makes it easier to evenly apply the foundation on face. The foundation has a secret hole designed to control the optimal amount so we don’t have to worry about wastage. It’s Skin It’s Top Professional Touch Finish Correcting Foundation’s texture is so perfect, not too thick and not too light. It made my skin flawless without feeling too thick. I am amazed with the result, strongly recommended to all of you.

There are 2 tools to help applying It’s Skin It’s Top Professional Touch Finish Correcting Foundation. 
Firstly, the COC Pro Skin-adhering Foundation Brush. The Brush is in ergonomically designed to apply evenly on face. Its soft and dense bristles deliver perfect coverage, not leaving any streaks onto the skin. With the long holder, it is really easy to apply foundation evenly on our skin.
Secondly, the IT’S ME Magic sponge in pink. The sponge is so cute in pink, and it can reach any nooks and crannies of our skin with the tip. We could also dampen the puff for glowy, dewy finish.

Now the foundation is done, it’s time for colors!
I fell in love the first sight with COC Lovely Pink Heart Multi Volume Brush. The pink heart shape brush is so adorable, and it has multi usage as a powder, glow, highlight, blush and contour brush. The brush is so fluffy and comfortable to use on skin.
Last but not least, put on my mascara with IT’S MY Eyelash Curler_Comb. The eyelash curler is so unique that comes with a built-in comb to prevent any clumps for perky lashes as if you already put false lashes. It comes with a free replacement pad so we could use the curler for a long time.
Overall, I am really satisfied with the Althea Make Up Tool Box. It contains all the useful stuff for daily use, and I would strongly recommend you all to get it too.

For more information on Althea Make Up Tool Box, go to http://my.althea.kr/smart-beauty-tool-box

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Unknown said...

I like the B& soap Block because of the charcoal for deep skin cleansing. great makeup tool box

Emily said...

It was indeed a super deal for you. And to see all those standard sized products!!

Jia Shin Lee said...

Got my eyes on the pobling mini ionizer think I'll give it a try. Age is catching up.

Absolute Yana said...

I had to miss this beauty box out, since I just only bought the vitamin range...T.T honestly wished I had more money so that I can keep shopping at althea

~ Everest ~ said...

The items in the beauty box looks really good and useful! The b&soap set sounds interesting and I would want to try it too!

Rawlins GLAM said...

Althea has always managed to surprise us with the beautiful and very beneficial items!

Blair Villanueva said...

Yay now you have the complete tool for your glam session! That mini ion applicator is very interesting.

GengQian said...

seems like the beauty box every woman should have!

Unknown said...

I really want to get my hands on some black charcoal soap and this one looks quite good.

Mhownai said...

Wow! I'm happy for you with the things you got! I'm sure that your beauty will be more enhanced!

Anis Farhana said...

I've tried the foundation too but I'll really recommend everyone to moisturise enough before applying it on. Honestly, the price of the individual foundation is actually pretty cheap too. Can't believe how low these brands can go even with such good/decent quality

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