K Power Beauty Regime @ Watsons Malaysia

March hasn’t been better with Watsons Malaysia’ Power Sale, its time for all of us to keep up with the power in us!
Let’s get in shape with this specially K-Power Beauty Regime:

1)      K Power Body 3 Point Shaper (NP RM 59.80 | Now RM 29.90)

K Power Body 3 Point Shaper helps to lift the hips, slim waist tummy and shape the thighs. According to the brand, we can wear it daily up to 30 days to achieve reduction of waist, tummy and thighs up to 2 inches.

2)      K Power Slimming & Shaping Legging (NP RM 59.80 | Now RM 29.90)
K Power Slimming & Shaping Legging is targeting 3 areas: firstly the tummy control, secondly legs sculpting and thirdly hips lifting. According to the brand, it reduce ½ inch or 1.2 cm instantly on wearing. I wore it under my skinny jeans and I like how it shapes my legs, made them look slimmer and sleek.

Both shapers are using material of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex, which is comfortable to wear. However it is advice to wear them 8 hours a day maximum.

K-Power Beauty Regime is exclusively available at all Watsons store nationwide. The promotion price is available from 2nd Mar 2017 till 3rd Apr 2017 only, hence quickly get yours now.

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