Laneige Boutique Launch at Pavilion Elite

The latest retail landmark project adjacent to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion Elite has opens! We were so thrilled to visit this new shopping heaven located in the heart of Bukit Bintang. The first boutique we visited there? Of course we made our way to our beloved Laneige’s brand new boutique. Located on the Laneige Boutique Launched at Pavilion Elite, alongside some of South East Asia’s biggest brands and new concept stores, Laneige Boutique at Pavilion Elite is bright and spacious.
Laneige Boutique Launch at Pavilion Elite

Besides carrying the full range of Laneige’s skin care and makeup offerings, Laneige Boutique at Pavilion Elite also offers an exclusive line-up of products only available at Laneige boutiques.
To celebrate the grand opening of Laneige’s boutique at Pavilion Elite, the brand has launched three new boutique-exclusive products – Travel Kit, Scented Card and Water Pocket Sheet Mask. These will be joining Laneige’s existing range of products – Sleeping Ball, Water Science Mist and Lip Card, which are all sold exclusively at Laneige boutiques only.
The Laneige Travel Kit comes in handy in this Holiday season, it is a must-have for beauty jetsetters to keep skin looking fresh and lively throughout their trip. The kit comes in colourful, travel-sized packaging that can be packed conveniently into hand luggages. The all-new Laneige Travel Kit is available in three variants:
 Catch Me – Homme Active Water Care
 Pick Me – Light Care
 Bring Me – Moisture Care

Each kit comes with a colourful DIY sticker (except Homme) and four essentials to give skin a boost and keep those on-the-go always looking their best:

 Multi Cleanser_EX, 30ml
 Skin Refiner, 50ml
 Emulsion, 50ml
 Cream, 20ml

The Laneige Travel Kit retails at RM82 per pack.

The Laneige Scented Card is a portable diffuser that can be used to freshen up any area with an alluring scent. The Scented Card, easily kept in luggages, bags or even closets, contains Laneige’s exclusive Sleepscent which can help you relax with its aromatic properties. It is available in three different fragrances:

The Laneige Scented Card comes with five cards per pack and retails at RM62 per box.
Laneige’s all-new Water Pocket Sheet Mask contains benefits from Laneige’s best skincare in one sheet. The Water Pocket Sheet Mask condenses key ingredients from seven of Laneige’s skincare lines, allowing the benefits of each variant to be experienced in one sheet mask. For best results, the Water Pocket Sheet Mask should be used first before layering with a sleeping mask.

Compared to regular mask sheets that are more moisture-absorbent and as a results are only able to transfer a limited amount of remaining moisture to skin, the diamond pocket patterns in this Water Pocket Sheet Mask transfers moisture as a whole to the skin for longer moisture retention. The mask’s lattice structure with 100% Polyproplene, which resembles skin structure, follows the curves of the face, helping the mask adhere and fit well to skin without sliding. The Water Pocket Sheet Mask is available in seven variants:

1. Skin Relief (Soothing) Water PocketSheet Mask
A soothing sheet mask that calms blemished skin, the Skin Relief sheet mask is formulated with Skin Relief WaterTM technology, extracted from Cypress trees, to sooth and calm blemished, dry and sensitive skin. This sheet mask moisturises and forms a protective layer over the skin. Its texture is light and fast-absorbing on the skin.

2. White Plus Renew (Whitening) Water PocketSheet Mask
A brightening sheet mask that brightens your skin tone for two tone up brighter and clearer skin, its key ingredient is MelacrusherTM, which is Laneige’s advanced whitening technology to breakdown melanin. To keep the whitening mask hydrating at the same time, Green Tea extract replenishes moisture, resulting in bright and milky skin. Its texture is milky and moisture-rich on the skin.
3. Sparkling Water (Brightening) Water Pocket Sheet Mask
A sparkling water brightening sheet mask that creates bright and clear skin, this sheet mask contains Sparkling WaterTM, which is sparkling carbonated water that works to brighten and clarify the skin through micro-carbonation massage. This sheet mask contains carbonation bubbles and its texture is light and fast-absorbing on the skin. This mask provides an instant cooling sensation, perfect for days with hot weather.
4. Water Bank (Moisturising) Water PocketSheet Mask
A moisturising sheet mask that helps the skin generate moisture by itself, this sheet mask is formulated with Moisturizing BiogeneTM technology from Laneige’s signature Water Bank range. Hydro Ion Mineral Water works in the 20th layer of the skin to activate the skin’s natural ability to generate and retain moisture for a long-lasting moisturising effect. Its texture is cooling and rich with moisture.
5. Water Sleeping Mask (Special) Water PocketSheet Mask
A special care sheet mask that instantly refreshes your complexion with ample moisture as if you had a good sleep, its key ingredient is Moisture WrapTM. This technology instantly purifies fatigued skin affected by external aggressors. Moisture WrapTM forms a breathable moisture film over the skin to lock in moisture and skin purifying ingredients for instantly refreshed skin.
6. Time Freeze (Face-Fit) Water PocketSheet Mask
A sheet mask with Dynamic Collagen_EXTM that helps to create a V-line for the face by improving skin elasticity. This technology reinforces the hyaluronic acid layer, supporting collagen regeneration for a more youthful appearance. This sheet mask is separated into two halves (top and bottom) for a stronger elasticity effect.
7. Clear C (Anti-Oxidant) Water PocketSheet Mask
The Clear C sheet mask provides four times stronger anti-oxidant effect than Vitamin C with 92.5 per cent Superberry extract. Superberry ExtractTM, derived from berries such as acerola and acai, helps to create clear and bright, healthy skin by reducing skin’s oxidative stress with its anti-oxidative benefit. The mask has a fresh fragrance, with a light and refreshing finish.
Laneige’s Water Pocket Sheet Mask (16ml) retails for RM11 each.
The all-new Travel Kit, Scented Card and Water Pocket Sheet Mask will be sold exclusively at all Laneige boutiques, including Laneige’s new boutique at Pavilion Elite.

These latest additions will be available alongside existing boutique-exclusive products such as Sleeping Ball, Water Science Mist and Lip Card.
Laneige’s Sleeping Ball is a sleeping mask in capsule form, perfect for beauty on-the-go.
The travel-sized Sleeping Ball is available in six variants:
 Water Sleeping Ball (7ml); RM9
 Firming Sleeping Ball (7ml); RM13
 Whitening Sleeping Ball (7ml); RM13
 Homme Sleeping Ball (7ml); RM9
 Hand Sleeping Ball (7ml); RM6
 Foot Sleeping Ball (7ml); RM6
Another beauty essential for those on-the-go, Laneige’s Water Science Mist creates clear and moisturised skin anytime, anywhere. It keeps the skin’s moisture balanced all day long, even in dry environments. The Water Science Mist is available in seven different formulae:
 Skin Relief (Soothing) Water Science Mist (120ml); RM79
 White Plus Renew (Whitening) Water Science Mist (120ml); RM79
 Sparkling Water (Brightening) Water Science Mist (120ml); RM79
 Water Bank (Moisturising) Water Science Mist (120ml); RM79
 Water Sleeping Mask (Mist Pack) Water Science Mist (120ml); RM79
 Time Freeze (Face-Fit) Water Science Mist (120ml); RM79
 Clear C (Anti-Oxidant) Water Science Mist (120ml); RM79
Laneige’s Lip Card is an innovative and compact wallet-sized lip product, which can easily be carried around in a purse or makeup bag. The Lip Card is ideal for those who enjoy trying on different lip shades or those who love having various lip colour choices while they’re travelling. The Lip Card comes in 20 colours at RM7 each:
1. Beige Chiffon
2. Blonde Coral
3. Pink Garden
4. Neon Pudding
5. Pink Dot
6. Flash Pink
7. Vampire Red
8. Woman in Red
9. Luminous Red
10. Cherry Tomato
11. Dreamy Coral
12. Twinkle Coral
13. Miss Sunshine
14. Orange Shot
15. Neon Orange
16. Pure Grape
17. Vintage Plum
18. Lavender Garden
19. Flair Magenta
20. Glam Pink

Laneige has also recently launched new boutiques in KOMTAR JBCC and Sunway Velocity.
For more information on Laneige, visit:


Aqalili Azizan said...

Travel kit are just to die for! and I would spend like almost one day at the store, just to browse all the items.

Ivy Kam said...

I've been using their products for quite some time already, really like the quality :)

Mariel C said...

I haven't tried Laneige yet but i heard their products are really nice and i don't think it is already available here at our place. Thanks for sahring!

Anne Mary said...

This is a one shop package, you don't have to go to other shop to look for some make up because everything is here! Malaysia is very much lucky to have this kind of shop.

Blair Villanueva said...

these are great especially if you want to try first Laneige and have no budget to get full sizes!

Mable Maeve Seah said...

Cannot really suitable for it but tq for spreading for its boutique store in M'sia!

5 Little Angels said...

I like their water sleeping mask. Will grab some to make my skin smooth.

cindyrina said...

I want their travel kit! Love this brand

~ Everest ~ said...

The store looks huge and filled with goodies! The travel kits are definitely my fav cos they look so good and convenient

Jacqueline Khoo said...

That's my favorite brand also! Tq for sharing their new products leh, look so nice packaging!

SHINI LOLA | Your Guide to Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle said...

Seem so fun! Too bad I can't make it. =(

Emily said...

Thanks for alerting about the launch of Laneige. I plan to drop by Sunway Velocity soon.

Shirleyfishy said...

Yeah! It's in JBCC now. I use to find it at JBCC but couldn't find it at all last time.

Indrani said...

This seems to be a wonderful package. Very convenient and compact for travel. I will check out for this brand in the shelves here.

Amelie Yap said...

I love the lip card. So adorable. I have bought the Laneige christmas set too! Loving the christmas collection cushion

Sunshine Kelly said...

I love their new boutique and there are so many things to try and buy there.

Sharon Lee said...

Need to visit this beautiful counter at Pavilion elite! Its been a while =D

Candace Ng said...

The store looks so pretty! Great to know that there's more Laneige outlets popping up in Msia. Never knew that there's such things as scented cards until I read your post! Will check em out someday!

Fatin Bella said...

the store looks pretty! Later I will visit there :D

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