Good Coffee Day 2.0 @ Pantai Sentral Park

I am a coffee junkie, I can’t live without drinking coffee everyday. When I get to know that IJM Land had organised their Good Coffee Day 2 at Pantai Sentral Park last Sunday, I can’t wait to join the event, and I’m glad I joined the event as it turned out to be a fantastic day all about coffee.
The event was held at ICE Gallery @ Pantai Sentral Park, which is easy to locate with the new direct access through NPE and convenient connectivity to KL’s new golden triangle. It took me just 20 minutes all the way from Selayang to there without paying any tolls.

As Christmas is just around the corner, the entire ICE Gallery @ Pantai Sentral Park had been putting up with lovely Christmas decoration. Matching with the white and bright interior, it really feels like a white Christmas there. There’s a huge Candy House that was as sweet to look at in the ICE Gallery, plus Santa Claus and Santarina spereading good cheer during their walkabout sessions it was really a Christmassy Coffee Day out. 

We took the chance to visit the cool Secoya residences Type A show room before the coffee workshops started. Secoya residences Type A is a show room of 1050 sq ft. This cozy 2 bedrooms home is spacious and suitable for young executive family. It has a modernised interior features white and bright that is so comfortable where we could stay in there for hours.
While the other show unit, Secoya residences Type C is a swanky 1670 sq ft house. The 4 bedrooms  home is huge and spacious for a big family. We love its rich furnishings in earthy tones that gives us warm homey feel.

The best part is, IJM Land is having Double plus promotions, with easy entry and subsidised house instalments for Pantai Sentral Park. One must considering buying a home in this urban forest city with its great neighbourhood and community concept.

L: Daniel Liew
R: Xavier Mah

The first coffee workshop was started at 2pm, it was the ‘Great Coffee begins at home!’ coffee workshop conducted by Daniel Liew, Academic Director of Barista Guild Asia (BGA). Daniel Lee, who is also a globally certified  trainer and certifier with the prestigious Authorized Specialty Coffee Association of Europe has shared some quick tips with us, from how coffee is grown, cultivatred, harvested, processed, roasted and brewed; brewing basics; bean quality; and live demostration on brewing methods and roasting. It was truly an eye opening workshops for coffee lovers like myself. 

We simply feeling lovely during the event as the whole venue smelled so great with fresh brewing coffee. 
We love the freshly brewed coffee courtesy of Coffex Coffee
But if you are into cold brewed coffee, there's coffee2GO for you too.

Not into coffee? It’s okay as IJM Land had prepared many other activities for all 300 fortunate members of the public. The activities includes below; 
L: Rane
R: Vivian Lee

Exclusive coffee caricature done by the talentest artist, Vivian Lees Art.
Beautifully presented Eva’s Homemade Nougat.
Crisp-on-the-outside and fluffy-on-the-inside waffles by Grid & Co.
Delectable tarts from the skilful pastry chefs at Harold’s Academy.
Icy cold fruit ice cream from Sketcher.
Hand crafted Cacao and Coffee Organic Body Scrub by FAWN Beauty Co.
Hand crafted clay mugs and handles by Kaleidos Art Tune.
It was indeed a fulfilling day, with personified the sense of community and celebration that Pantai Sentral Park evokes.

ICE Gallery address:
IJM Land Centre of Excellence (ICE),
No.2, Jalan Pantai Sentral 1,
Pantai Sentral, 59200 KualaLumpur

For more information, visit


Emily said...

Not exactly a coffee person but would have loved to attend an event like this one for the experience. The coffee art looks good.

Unknown said...

The decorations look great! I'm a coffee person so I'd definitely would've loved to attend this event!

Amelie Yap said...

woah! All the showroom looks cozy and great! I just wish to own a 'home' now :(

Rikajue said...

The coffee aroma would make me giddy. I can't really take coffee, it's like my detox drink instead. I love the body scrub though, tried Dirty Benefits, the coffee with coconut. The aroma so heavenly.

Miera Nadhirah said...

this was such an awesome event i was there for hours......could not get enouh of the gorgeous furnishings at the Secoya homes too

5 Little Angels said...

My dream home. Hope to be part of the community.

Carina said...

Love the decoration! So minimalist!

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