Melaka, you’ve been good

I am fortunate to be born as Malaysian. I love my country, Malaysia which is well known for its rich cultural heritage, rich history and obviously rich, delectable food. But do you know where all these 3 criteria can be found in one single city in Malaysia? I found it in Melaka.

Melaka is the most interesting city in Malaysia. This small, friendly city with many eye-catching sights and attractions would surely capture your heart and never let it go. In the city, you can find a mix of old and new, historical establishments and old shops stand side -by-side with huge shopping complexes and modern offices. As you explore this beautiful state, you’ll learn about the rich heritage and history brought Melaka to where it is today and left a mark on Malaysia’s cultural lifestyle. (I know I did learn).

Before we dive into the widest array of food that can be found in Melaka, let’s talk about the not so boring stuff – the History and the culture.

First thing first, its name. How many of you out there know the origin of Melaka’s name? (drum roll please), Melaka got its name from a tree. The founder of Melaka, Parameswara was resting under the tree and saw witnessed his dog being pushed by a mouse deer into the river in self-defense. Seeing this whole thing as a propitious omen, he decided at that particular time to build a great empire there. That my friends, is how Melaka was founded and its name was from the Melaka tree where Parameswara was resting under.

Moving on, the society a.k.a. the diverse type of race you can find in Melaka. This state is made up of the normal Malay, Chinese and Indians but here comes the interesting part. Due to the colonization by the Dutch and the Portuguese, you can find a community of Eurasians with Dutch and Portuguese here. Oh, and not forgetting, the Baba Nyonya people. These different cultures has made Melaka one of the most beautiful city with various arts and crafts. 

Now, comes the best part, THE FOOD! If you are looking to try something new that can never be found in other parts of Malaysia, then you must try the Nyonya cuisines here. Here are a few places that I would totally recommend. 

·         Donald and Lily’s
As one of the most popular dining places in Melaka, there is no surprise when you see a crowd and an endless que here. Established back in 190, Donald and Lily’s was even featured in New York Times magazine all for the sole reason of its traditional Nyonya cuisine. Some of the must haves here include Laksa, Taukwa Rojak and Curry Chicken Rice.

·         Nyonya Makko Restaurant
This restaurant is often crowded with food hunters from big companies and families with children for there is something here for everyone. It is one of the place that provides authentic Nyonya food in Melaka. Their best dishes include Tenggiri fish in Assam Pedas, Sotong Chili Garam, Ayam Pongteh and Beef Rendang.

·         Nancy’s Kitchen
This place has been the best play to eat in Jonker Walk and it’s easy to understand why. Along with nice, friendly atmosphere you’ll have the best local food and good service. You don’t want to miss out on some of their yummies which include Sek Bak (braised pork), Sambal Sotong Petai, Kedongdong Drink and their ultimate best Nyonya Laksa.

Now that you are done with the whole Dora the Explorer expedition around Melaka, Its time to rest those feet and get a good night sleep for a brand new day ahead. Here are some of the best Melaka hotels that might surely help in the resting part.

·         Hatten Hotel Melaka
Hatten Hotel is set in the middle of Melaka’s most famous historical landmarks, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Melaka City.  With 704 deluxe suites ranging from 32 square meters to 98 square meters in size, Hatten Hotel offers you the utmost comfort, style and convenience. Discover history and excitement literally just footsteps away from this amazing hotel.

·         Philea Resort & Spa
This 5 star resort in Melaka features luxury accommodations that allows guests to feel at home during holidays and business stay. This piece of paradise is a resort like no other with rustic architecture surrounded by pristine greenery and the calming flow of waterfalls.

Get your bookings done online through Traveloka, the website that is known for their widest range of hotels all around the world and great discounts up to 70%. Explore this beautiful state of Melaka today and witness what I meant by it capturing your heart. See you at Melaka, xoxo.


Emily said...

I've just returned from a trip to Melaka last month, actually! I love Melaka. It's small enough to move around in a couple of days but large enough to offer everything that a visitor comes looking for.

~ Everest ~ said...

I love Melaka too! The food and buildings are so nice. I heard about Philea being one of the newer and luxurious resort there and would love to try it soon.

cindyrina said...

Malacca always my favourite place for day trip. Good nyonya food.

Absolute Yana said...

I think its a good idea for me to explore melaka more....i really love their food!

Rawlins GLAM said...

Whenever I need that ittle getaway pronto, tarveloka has always been my saviour for that quick and money saving portal.

5 Little Angels said...

I just went to Malacca. Love the places and the food so much.

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