The LEGO Group Urges Parents to Value The Power and Importance of Their Child’s Imagination

Imagination is one of the most important contributors to creativity and innovation. As children, we have endless imagination. It allows us to see beyond reality, encourages us to think creatively and come up with unique ideas and solutions. Without creative thinking, we would not have some of the products and technologies we rely on in our daily lives.  Without imagination, we wouldn’t have engineers that build planes, and architects that create buildings.
We enter this world as children with genius levels of imagination – but retain less and less as we grow older.   By prioritizing academic study over imaginative play, parents in Asia are making their children less creative – and this could have a huge impact on our society.  

In addition, Asian workers clock some of the longest working hours in the world. A work culture where late nights in the office are commonplace, and academic excellence is prioritized, result in less attention being placed on expanding children’s imagination and creativity.  And if not nurtured and encouraged, it disappears during the wonder years. 

This is something that LEGO is keen to address with the launch of ‘City Adventures’, to ask parents to give their child’s imagination a ‘gift of their attention’ – the simple request direct from their children, to spend more time with them on creative activities that nurture their imaginative skills.   

To demonstrate the impact of this message, LEGO proved what it would be like for a busy parent to see just how creative their child is, and have an insight into how they are using their imagination.  

Created in partnership with creative network, iris, the film ‘LEGO Presents: A Gift for Imagination’ hopes to spark a change in mindset around the role of imagination.

‘LEGO Presents: A Gift for Imagination’ 
The 3-minute film was captured in Taipei city, Taiwan - a city with one of the longest average working hours in the world.  In cities like Taipei, it’s normal for parents to only see their children on weekends, and perhaps briefly before leaving for work. 

The film focuses on the story of 6 years old Hsiao Feng.  Hsiao Feng likes to build – because he wants to take after his father, who repairs and sells cars.  But, just like most other working parents in the modern metropolis, Hsiao Feng’s father works extended hours, and consequently, like a lot of Taiwanese children, Hsiao Feng’s creativity often goes unnoticed in the midst of his father’s busy schedule. 

To bring all this to his father’s attention, LEGO worked with Hsiao Feng’s mother to film Hsiao Feng building with LEGO at his local enrichment centre and talking about his father, sharing that he wanted to spend more time building and creating with him. 

LEGO then dedicated its media space across the city, to allow Hsiao Feng to get his father’s attention.  This film was aired across 25 OOH media screens in the city, including a 100-metre digital screen at Taipei Arena and in Taipei 101, which Hsiao Feng’s father would walk past on his way home from work. 

At the end of yet another long working day, Hsiao Feng’s father was surprised to see his son’s face on the screen – and moved to hear the thoughtful message expressed by him.  The film finishes with his father promising to not neglect his creativity, impressed with what his son has built.

Kevin Hagino, Senior Regional Brand Manager, Southeast Asia at LEGO said, “At LEGO, we have a mission to inspire imagination and creativity to develop the builders of tomorrow through play. Our kids are all creative geniuses and we want parents and the world to see how amazing they are. Hsiao Feng’s message to his father is a powerful message to all parents.  We all have busy schedules – but a childhood doesn’t last forever. Through this film, we hope to inspire parents to value the importance of their child’s imagination, and give it the encouragement and attention it deserves.”

Malaysian actress and mother Diana Danielle believes that parents should not neglect children’s imagination and nurture it. She commented, “When you’re playing with your son, you have your phone. You’re not really sitting down and paying attention to your kid. I have to overcome that and make sure that I put everything aside and just spend my time with him.” 


As part of the City Adventures campaign, LEGO® Malaysia is on the lookout for the best LEGO® CITY builder through the LEGO® CITY ADVENTURES “Top Builders of the Month” nationwide contest, to give kids the opportunity to exercise their imagination and be recognized for their amazing creations.

The contest which takes place from July till October 2016, provides the opportunity for kids to use LEGO® CITY bricks to build and complete the adventure shown on the LEGO® store’s existing diorama display, and narrate their story using the ‘what happens in between’ storyline. They are then encouraged to upload their creations onto where the best will be curated. LEGO then gives the winning builders a stage to shine on its website as well as in participating outlets – as a true celebration of their extraordinary talent.

Parents can also play a role in supporting their child’s imagination by uploading their children’s creations onto the official LEGO Facebook page with the hashtag #LEGOCityAdventuresMY and a 30-word story caption.  The top builders winners will be selected monthly with the winning builds showcased in selected LEGO® stores and on

Do you think your child deserves to spend more time on their imagination?  Give them the ‘gift of your attention’ – and join the conversation here:


Sebrinah Yeo said...

Interesting post. Sad though that the boy's father was too busy, but glad that Lego helped him. Good effort! Am now confused over what types of lego to get for my son as he is turning 2 soon and he loves building hehe

Foodilicious said...

Really need to spend some time with kids as is the way to teach them to deliver their love and care when they grow ups.

Leona Lim said...

so fun for the girls, lego is a great way to let kids play and be creative

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