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Thanks God my two daughters have long, straight and thick hairs just like me. People always ask me how to take care their natural hair? To be honest I don’t have specific brands but I always choose natural, gentle and safe hair care for them.
I was introduced to pout Care - a natural hair care range for children that features an adventure carousel theme with poems by a blogger friend a while ago. When I checked it out on the website, I immediately fell in love with their lovely, princessy packaging!
It gives me confident when I found that the products are Made in Australia, No sulphates or parabens, No animal products or testing, Softens and nourishes, Strengthens with rich protein, and Suitable for all ages and hair types. Hence without hesitation I have given pout Care a try for my two lovely princesses.
The products that I’ve tried on my daughters are;

pout Care Blueberry Potion Natural Shampoo (250ml | SGD 18.90)
pout Care shampoo has the cutest packaging ever! Not only that, it also has a poems printed on it for the children to read! Its not only cute but very practical too.

My younger daughter loves pout Care Blueberry Potion Natural Shampoo as blue is her favourite color. Bursting with the yummy scent of Blueberries, pout’s Blueberry Potion Natural Shampoo not only makes hair feel good, it smells good too! Made just for children, this product contains no sulphates or parabens. It gently and effectively cleanses and moisturises, leaving hair soft and manageable.

pout Care Strawberry Magic Natural Shampoo (250ml | SGD 18.90)
My elder daughter loves pout Care Strawberry Magic Natural Shampoo because she is click with pink and Strawberry. The yummy scent of Strawberries and a delightful hint of vanilla caramel made her hair smells so good.

pout Care Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner (250ml | SGD 21.90)
A green apple a day, keeps dry hair away. pout’s Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner is formulated with natural emollients and rich protein that penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to effectively condition and hydrate. I normally leave it on my daughters’ hair for a few minutes before washing off. Their hair is soft and smooth after rinse off.

pout Care Peaches and Cream Natural Detangler (250ml | SGD 21.90)
Peaches and Cream always conjures up idyllic summer days spent on a beach with your favourite treat.  pout’s Peaches & Cream Natural Detangler contains beneficial Argan oil high in antioxidants, which promotes healthy hair growth and helps treat split ends. My girls love to swim, hence this products really helps to keep their hair neat and fresh.

It is easy to use, just spray the products on their hair and comb through it. Their hair is softer and silkier after using it.

pout Care also sent me some very cute stickers along with my haul. We are loving this Natural, Fun, Gentle and Safe Hair Care for Children already.
pout Care is currently available in specialty stores in Singapore, such as 1010 Mother & Child, Mom Essentials, Ocean Paradise and Liferacer. The range is also available in family salons Scissors Paper Stone, Little Red Dot and Back to Basic. 

Alternatively, parents can shop at pout’s online store

For more information about pout Care, please visit:


Pamela Yeoh said...

true enough. i always buy organic product for my daughter

cindyrina said...

Nowadays children also has their specific brand and product. So bless and good for delicate kids too.

Cheryn said...

Wow. cute packaging, girls will be crazy for these bottles. Don;t have to force them to wash their hairs, clever.

Sunshine Kelly said...

Wow its my first time get to know about this brand. Their packaging looks good.

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