[Review] Kji & Co. Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence

As Japanese fans, I’m not new to Kji & Co, which is a beauty brand from Japan. This time, I had tried their Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence which is of course manufactured in Japan.
Kji & Co. Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence is a semi-permanent lip balm that hydrates moisturize our lips with lip plumping conditioners. It has a gentle formula and yet provides lush colors. Honestly I was attracted by its pretty packaging at first. Unlike many other lip balm, it is pack in a round hard paper box.
Kji & Co's Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence is available in 3 shades namely Baby Pink, Seductress and Dolly Blush. I have chosen Seductress shade, which is a sweet pink color. I like its lightweight buttery formula that glides smoothly over lips and the color intensify with each layer. The color can last up to 4 hours on normal weather.
However, do mind that it has a very soft and creamy texture. And somehow mine was melted under our current hot weather and hence do store in a cool place I would advise. Plus, the lip balm holder is not retractable; hence do twist out just a bit that’s enough for application as you don’t want to mess up the extra in the small cap.

Overall, it is quite a good lip balm but you must handle with care (mind you they melt!). The price is fair at RM 26.90 each.

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