SkinSoul's #myBffSoulmate Contest

What is the best thing to do with your BFF? Well, for me is to play, take lotsa selfie, and have high tea together! Thanks to SkinSoul, we could now enjoy all this by participating their #myBffSoulmate Contest. 
Stand a chance to win a High Tea session at the Majestic Hotel, professional photo-shooting, SkinSoul’s The Lover Lipstick and a make-up session worth RM3388! 
It’s easy to join, just follow the steps below;
Step 1 - Like SkinSoul's Facebook Page.
Step 2 - Upload a creative photo with your bestie using lipstick, kiss mark and/or lipstick traces without showing the lipstick's brand UNLESS it is SkinSoul's The Lover Lipstick.
Step 3 - Say something special to your bestie in the caption.
Step 4 - Tag your bestie as well as SkinSoul's Facebook page.
Step 5 - Hashtag #myBffSoulmate #SkinSoul #FriendshipDay 

* Terms and Conditions Apply
We have 2.5 weeks to participate this fun contest as it is runs from 11th July 2016 to 27th July 2016.
For more information, visit SkinSoul's Facebook Page at


elanakhong said...

Wow... great contest. I wanna win the high tea session! Time to snap pic...

Fadzi Razak said...

Looks like a very nice color of lipstick range they have. Gonna join this contest!

Jacqueline Khoo said...

OMG I want to join this contest too! Recently Im into lips make up also :P

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