[Slimming] PANAZ™ Slimming Pants

I have big thighs due to long hours sitting in the office. I find it hard to eliminate the excessive fat there even though I work out at the gym. Hence recently I got myself my first pair of slimming pants hoping to shed the fat. 

I have chosen PANAZ™ Slimming Pants which was delivered to my doorstep few days after I placed the order.
According to PANAZ™, their slimming pants functions include:
·  Assists weight loss
·  Maximizes fitness routine
·  Helps achieve slimmer waist and thighs
·  Improves overall well-being
PANAZ™ Slimming Pants has ‘thermal’ like material, which is thick, and stick to skin easily. It had slightly smelled when new, hence I washed it before wearing it for the first time. It has 3 layers, which are;
Inner layer: Intelligent fabrics absorb sweat to keep your skin comfortable at all time.
Middle layer: Warming material, heat retention to burn body fats.
Outer layer: High quality fabrics, sculpted to your body curves. 
Its heat retention function made me sweat automatically while wearing it. I felt warm when wearing it, and the metabolism increased when wearing it. It helps in Shape maintaining too but take note do not wear for long hours. My thigh was slimmer after wearing it for 2 months on and off now.

The stretchable made it comfortable to wear every day. The design is nice and could be wear everywhere, be it at home, exercise, sleeping, shopping, teatime, or other activities.
I Hand wash and hang to dry every time after wearing it. It’s advisable Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean, do not wring.


Fiona said...

Panas tak Panaz? 😂

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

eh it's really panas hahaha, which is good that helps sweating and metabolism!

Unknown said...

Are you marketing this product...any price indication, availability of sizes and colours pls....thkd

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