[Review] EVERSOFT Skinz Youth Recall Booster Mist

My recent FB wall is full of Japan pictures as all my friends are travelling there during this Cheery Blossom season. Though I have not plan my third Japan trip but it’s OK, I could feel like I’m in Japan too by using the EVERSOFT Skinz Youth Recall Booster Mist which is infused with low alkaline Japanese hot spring water specially sourced from Yubara, Okayama, Japan. 
We miss Japan!

Japanese women have long been known for their luminous Asian skin, often described as having radiant, youthful and porcelain-like skin. The secret to their preservation of flawless, porcelain-like skin is by staying true to the Japanese skincare regime.
EVERSOFT SKINZ line of products combines advanced Japanese technology skincare innovation and adheres closely to the traditional 5-step Japanese skincare ritual that effectively addresses key anti-ageing and maintenance of skin’s fairness.
Adding on to the EVERSOFT SKINZ YOUTH RECALL skincare range are​ the EVERSOFT SKINZ YOUTH RECALL BOOSTER MIST to enhance the existing 5-step Japanese skincare ritual. 
This lightly scented and alcohol free booster mist gives our skin a high boost of soothing hydration, empowering our skin to amplify the benefits of our skincare essence by ensuring our skin is supple and ready for maximum absorption.
It has a specially designed pump that evenly distributes the mist on our skin for instant refreshment, moisture, softness and protection – with or without makeup.
EVERSOFT SKINZ Youth Recall is made of 3 Japanese ingredients: Wakame Seaweed, Ume and Hiaruron San (Super Hyaluronic Acid). Reveal a fresher, smoother and even-toned youthful completion. It is suitable to be used with any skincare product.

How to use?
Smooth gently onto thoroughly cleansed and toned skin. Use twice daily before applying day and night moisturises.

In fact, there are various ways of using EVERSOFT Skinz Youth Recall Booster Mist as below;
·         Use to provides high boost of soothing hydration to your skin.
·         It can help to keep your skin supple and ready for maximum absorption of your skincare essence.
·         It is very effective in helping you to set make up so your make up look more fresh and flawless.
·         Use this after toning to increase absorption your skincare.
·         To refresh and wake up the skin any time of the day especially on hot days recently.
·         ​Help to blend make up more easily to our skin. Spray this mist to sponge or foundation brush and apply foundation wet.
·         ​Mist a little into cream based makeup to dilute it so for more natural makeup look. 
·         To freshen our make up.
         Get baby/dewy texture with your make up. Mist will saturate the skin but will not wet the make up.
·         Remove the powdery or cakey makeup finish with mist.
·         As a brush cleaner. Just spray the mist and wipe away with tissue.
EVERSOFT Skinz Youth Recall Booster Mist 75 ml is retail at RM 39.90. You can get it at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and beauty stores.

To know more about EVERSOFT SKINZ, go to http://www.eversoftskinz.jp
EVERSOFT SKINZ’S Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EversoftSkinz

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