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I had a mouthwatering dinner at Kampachi by Equatorial Pavilion 2 weeks ago, thanks to OpenSnap and Wen Li for the special arrangements. Kampachi is no stranger to a Japanese authentic food fanatic like me. My family and I have been to their Equatorial Bangi(No longer exist now), and Kampachi in Plaza 33, PJ. Kampachi at Pavillion KL is spacious and give me the Modernise Zen feeling dining there.

We were introduced to Kampachi’s new menu which is more diversified compared with their 8 years’ old  menu. Just like many Authentic Japanese restaurant, Kampachi air-flown their seafood all the way from Tsukiji Market Tokyo, Japan.

While trying out the delicious dishes, we did not forgett to snap the pretty dishes with OpenSnap apps, the 1st photo menu in Asia. Find great food and restaurants by taste ratings with thousands of offers!

What is OpenSnap?
OpenSnap is an online dining directory where it acts as a GUI snap guide whenever you’re out of idea of what to dine and a user-friendly platform for sharing your yummy photos with your enthusiastic foodie followers as well. It’s easily downloadable from both Andriod and iOS too with database over 1 million across Asia. 
Not only it has a beautiful filter selections, it also has very cute and unique stickers.
Now back to our food tasting, sharing with you the menu that we have tried on that day;

Smiley Green
A tea that make you smile, seriously! Finest Uji Matcha, superior Karigane tea, Genmai tea and noble Hokaido Rishiri Kelp are incorporated into a tasteful composition. Smiley Green tea taste earthy and smooth to me.

Kampachi Salad
Kampachi Salad is their signature salad made with crunchy-not-oily salmon skin, lotus roots chips, deep-fried white bait served with homemade dressing.
Kanpachi Carpaccio
An elaborated plate of thinly sliced amberjack with mizuna done the carpaccio way, ended with some crispy garlic crisp.
Sakura Ebi & Toro
Molded in a floral-shaped deep fried Cherry shrimp tempura. I love this dish the most, do you know what Cherry Shrimp is only available at Shizuoka city in Japan?
It also comes with the special rice. Spreading over the eggs in a bowl of assorted fresh seafoods, thickening and enriching it further. Mixed with tororo (blended yam), the bowl of mixed rice is lustrous, with a wasabi undertone and a subtle accent from the seafood sweetness.
Unagi Shiso Tempura
Lusciously deep-fried eel wrapped with Perilla leaf tempura, simply yummy!
Tori Nanban Set
Deep-fried chicken cutlet marinated with soy vinegar served with cabbage salad, home-made Japanese style tartar sauce. The sauce is so special yet tasting great, we wish to have more of this.

Soft Kani Maki
Crisply moreish deep-fried soft shell crab roll with fish roe and cucumber is simply a great combination.
Ninniku meshi
I am not a fan of Garlic fried rice but Kampachi Garlic fried rice is authentic and nice.
Last but not least, my favourite ICE CREAM! Kampachi has variety of Ice cream, from ordinary Matcha and Black sesame to extra ordinary Wasabi and ginger sorbet. I personally love the ginger sorbet the most.

Download OpenSnap from Apple Store or Google Play store from your mobile phone.

OpenSnap website - http://www.opensnap.com/

Kampachi website - http://www.kampachi.com.my/

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