diptyque Home Fragrance Collection - Bespoke Rituals for The Home

The art of perfume and the art of living have always been as one at diptyque. Two ways of travelling through aromas. With personal fragrances and home fragrances, all the creations together make up an olfactory universe that is liberating and inspiring, going beyond fashion, unique in the diversity and richness of its offer. 

Whether traditional or unusual, diptyque products allow for “bespoke” perfuming, whatever the mood, in the smallest and largest spaces. Authentic know-how and expertise make the House truly distinctive.
Five ways, five rituals, five decorative objects have been designed for the home fragrance collection.
Each has its role and purpose.
Iconic candles, for which the first fragrances were created in 1963; scented wax ovals that can be discreetly slipped into a walk-in dressing room; room sprays with an instant effect; a patented hourglass with intimate diffusion properties; or an electric diffuser with perfuming capabilities
suited to a large area: all precious rituals to enchant your daily life.

Un AIR de diptyque
Electric diffuser

A decorative object with an elegant design, it offers a contemporary approach to the art of home fragrance. This innovative and useful object diffuses just the right amount of the chosen perfume.

1 capsule = 40 hours of diffusion

fleur d’oranger - From the ancient theatre majestically overlooking the sea and Mount Etna, the afternoon heat brings a desire to seek out some shade on a square dotted with flowers and baroque charm, delightfully bathed in a festive atmosphere. Here, brides still wear slender crowns of orange blossom, whose perfume releases a subtle yet sunny trail. A citrus freshness mingles with the bright Mediterranean, reviving memories of childhood aromas.

The Hourglass represents expertise that is unique to diptyque: the creation of bold objects whose talent is to enchant your daily life. The hourglass is an alliance of tradition and innovation. 

One action is enough to release the fragrance (20-minute cycle). The patent for the unique cold diffusion system is held by diptyque. There are no buttons or mechanisms. Its simplicity, the quintessence of refinement, is appealing to men.
Gingembre - Floating on the misty waters of the Mekong, a spice market carries along its precious aromas. Snippets of conversations drift on light breezes. The humidity of the day seems to have worn away the banks of the great river. The initial purity of freshly cut ginger envelops the senses completely, so much so that in the distance, the figure of The Lover or the emerald paddy fields of The Sea Wall can be made out.

Range of fragrances
The collection for diffusers features a range of fragrances which now includes 34, BAIES, FIGUIER, AMBRE, GINGEMBRE, FLEUR D’ORANGER AND ROSES (new for 2015).

Leave the candle to burn until the surface of the wax has become liquid. Reposition the wick in the centre and cut it back regularly using a wick trimmer.
Candles are the product of exclusive expertise. Their precious accords faithfully convey the olfactory treasures found in nature.

When the candle has burned down: . Wipe the inside of the glass with a cloth soaked in soapy water. . When the wax deposits have been removed, leave the glass to dry naturally. . Then use it for whatever purpose you like: a single flower vase, brush pot, tea light holder, etc.
Beautiful plant vase isn't it?

Since the first candles Aubépine, Thé, and Cannelle, in 1963, the House has been cultivating its very own technique, that of striking the full glass on a pillow to release the block of wax.
The complexity of the fragrance is then released through the olfactory imprint captured at the bottom of the glass. 

1.5 kg The weight of the outdoor sandstone candle holder, created in association with the Virebent factory.
It is the ultimate expression of LUXURY CRAFTSMANSHIP.
More than 8 million centimeters of cotton wick consumed in a year during candle manufacturing.

scented OVALS
- The plaster moulds used for making the biscuit ovals are broken after 30 pieces have been made in order to guarantee the quality of the engraving.
- The wax is poured into the small mould by hand. Its specific formula allows for the absorption of a 25% to 30% concentration of the perfume.
Did you know?
At the end of the oval’s lifespan (around 3 months): . Unclip the perfumed wax from its porcelain medallion. . Use it as a tie holder, napkin ring, photograph frame or for a fresh
take on a Christmas decoration.

The scented ovals are definitely the most original, most unusual and most irresistible
of all the scented objects designed by diptyque!

Intended for use in small spaces, the ovals love to be hung up inside a WALK-IN WARDROBE, snuggled up against clean laundry. They can be slipped into a suitcase or suit hanger when
you store your clothes for the next season. This REFINED OBJECT carries with it the memories of elegant generations.

The oval is inspired by the delicately SCENTED SACHETS imported from ENGLAND by the FOUNDERS of the House in the early 1960s, which marked diptyque’s beginnings
as a perfumer.

New limited-edition fragrance .ROSAFOLIA.

ROOM spray
The spray creates an immediate perfumed atmosphere in a room, with an olfactory signature of its own.

Formulated as an eau de toilette for the home, the spray elegantly and instantly enhances a room, leaving the desired intensity of fragrance floating in the air. The ethereal charm it exudes can also be used on curtains, fabric wall coverings and cushions. Furnishing fabrics thereby play a part in the olfactory signature of a room. Each room can have a perfumed mood: 
In the living room:
Ambre or Feu de Bois
In bathrooms:
Verveine or Feuille de Lavande
In a bedroom or walk-in wardrobe:
Jasmin or Roses

As a complement to the candle, it comes first, quickly enhancing its notes while the candle gradually warms up in the room. The room spray can also be used to boost the fragrance
effect of the burning candle. In combination with the electric diffuser, the Hourglass or candle, it punctuates their olfactory offerings with harmonious accords.

Diptyque is available at kensapothecary in Malaysia.
kensapothecary website - http://www.kensapothecary.com.my/
kensapothecary facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/kensapothecary

Diptyque website - diptyqueparis.com


Henry Lee said...

So many products, I'm sure my house gonna smell like a flower garden if I have those! :D

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Indeed, they smells so good it lifted my mood instantly. I'm sure your gf would definitely love it too ^ ^

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