Review: Silk Peel™ Dermal Infusion™ at Face Factors Clinic

I have recently been invited to try the Silk Peel™ Dermal Infusion™ treatment at Face Factors Clinic. Before I decided to go for a try, I have did my research and found that Silk Peel™ Dermal Infusion™ is like microdermabrasion procedure but it is not as harsh as microdermabrasion. As I did microdermabrasion a few times before hence I decided to give Silk Peel™ Dermal Infusion™ a try to see if it’s as good as microdermabrasion.
Silk Peel™ Dermal Infusion™ combines diamond-wand microdermabrasion technology with a unique solution delivery system that penetrates deep into the skin’s layers. The skin is not broken in any way, but the top layer of skin is gently buffed away with the diamond head. This process removes dead skin cells, any pigmentation on the top layer of skin, and also buffs away fine lines and wrinkles.
There are 4 types of topical solutions(Brightening solution, hydrating solution, clarifying solution and Vitamin C solution) available at Face Factors Clinic. The beautician will apply the suitable solutions depends on individual’s skin concerns during the procedure. The solution sinks deep into the dermal layer and begins to activate the cell regeneration process.
Jose, the beautician analysed my skin and decided to use the Brightening and Clarifying solutions that day. Jose started removing makeup and dirt with double cleanse once I laid down comfortably on the facial bed. Once my face was clean, she proceeds with Silk Peel™ Dermal Infusion™ procedures.

There are different settings on different parts of the skin; lower pressure for sensitive skin e.g. eye area and stronger pressure around nose and fore head areas. I can feel the deep exfoliation however the peeling did not turn my face dry all thanks to the moisture from the solutions.

Jose then applied and massages serum on my skin. Lastly, she applied sunscreen to protect my skin against sun exposure. The whole treatment just took me 20 minutes, which is really fast. 
Jose told me that to get rid of serious acne scars and deeper wrinkles, it is advisable that customers go through the treatment twice a month, and it may require up to 10 treatments to see the perfect results.

My skin is glowing after the treatment. My acne scars and laugh lines are reduced significantly. I walked out the clinic and continue shopping in Publika while nobody looked at me awkwardly. I feel that Silk Peel™ Dermal Infusion™ is a milder treatment than microdermabrasions while both providing similar results.
Overall, it gives me instant result with reasonable cost. It is RM 399 a session but they are having a half price special for 1st timers.
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