Lashes Spread Out Like Butterfly Wings with L’Oréal Paris Faux Cils Papillon Mascara

Most Asian women desire long, fluttery lashes. Unfortunately, we often come up short – literally – as the common complain is that our lashes are too short, sparse or too fine. Good news from L’Oréal Paris – its latest mascara that has taken Europe by storm is set to hit our shores, giving you the hot runway trend of dramatic butterfly-wings like lashes, ending all woes to short lashes. Inspired by the beautiful span of butterfly wings, L’Oréal Paris introduces its breakthrough mascara formula with the new L’Oréal Paris Faux Cils Papillon, its first-ever mascara to “fan out” your lashes for visible volume all around.

How does Faux Cils Papillon give you that butterfly effect for your lashes? With a first-of-its-kind brush at L’Oréal Paris: The Revolutionary Elastomeric Asymmetrical Brush inspired by butterfly wings. For the first-time ever, L’Oréal Paris creates an asymmetrical brush to fan out lashes so that they spread like butterfly wings.
 L’Oréal Paris’s 1st Butterfly-Shaped INSPIRED Brush to fan out and lengthen for dramatic false lash effect.

Faux Cils Papillon’s brush works on lashes in three unique ways:
Its top curvy side grabs lashes to curl and stretch out lashes so that they appear multiplied in just one stroke.
The side-angled tip helps elongate inner lashes out so that lashes are lengthened and separated.
Angle the tip of the brush when applying to fan out lashes for a beautiful butterfly-wings effect. 
Faux Cils Papillon’s innovative formula softly envelops lashes for a silky effect, leaving them soft and smooth, never hard and clumpy. This is thanks to the formula’s unique Cocoon Fibres – fibres that are only 1.2mm long – and together with the brush, it can lift up lashes at the outer corner.

With Faux Cils Papillon, you don’t have to worry about your mascara smudging at the end of the day. Lashes stay beautiful and spread out all day long, giving you a long-lasting butterfly effect. 

Double the butterfly-wings effect where lashes appear multiplied with just one stroke. Eyes can now flit about with flirty fluttery spread-out and magnified lashes.


L’Oréal Paris’s Makeup Designer Karim Rahman is considered one of the greatest experts in the beauty and fashion area. The charismatic artist has been the makeup designer for L’Oréal Paris since 2010. Like a designer, he has created thousands of makeup looks with timeless chic and elegant sophistication as inspired by photography, fashion and cinema.

Try these three looks together with Karim’s tips on how to maximise the stunning effect on your eyes with Faux Cils Papillons.


Get creative for this look! Turn the volume and flirt up on your lashes with Faux Cils Papillon on the upper lash line to stretch the gaze out and draw out each lash. Apply mascara to the lower lashes to further enhance your eyes. Then, using Superliner Gel Matique in Blacky Shine, draw a fluid, solid line on both upper and lower lash line. Turn on your artistic side and draw the wings of a butterfly at the corner of your eyes using Superliner Gel Matique in Turbo Turquoise, connecting the lower line with the existing black line. Colour in the area between the black line and the turquoise line with Superliner Gel Matique in Silver Mania for a more intense look.

KARIM’S TIP! When applying mascara to the lower lashes, do it only at the roots so you don’t overload the eye.


Using Superliner Gel Matique, draw a thick line just above the upper lashes with Superliner Gel Matique in Black Iconic. Do the same for your lower lash line. Then, using Superliner Gel Matique in Blacky Shine, draw a line all around your eyes above the black line, extending to the outer corner. Apply Faux Cils Papillon on both upper and lower lashes to intensify the look.

KARIM’S TIP! When applying Superliner Gel Matique, go beyond and extend past the outer corner of the eye for a dramatic effect.


Get playful with a look that maximises’ spread-out effect! Use Superliner Gel Matique in Black Iconic to draw all around your eyes, extending outwards. Then, draw a thin line on your eyelid, extending the line to connect with the previous line. Using Faux Cils Papillon, make your lashes take flight for an extra flirty effect.

KARIM’S TIP! Use Superliner Gel Matique to draw thicker lines for an ultra-graphic look or for precise effects.

L’Oréal Paris Faux Cils Papillon is retail at RM54.90 while L’Oréal Paris Superliner Gel Matique in Shiny Soft Black is retail at RM35.90.
Get more visible lashes that spread out like butterfly wings to emphasise your gaze. Enhance the butterfly effect on your eyes with a touch of silk for a fresh flight. L’Oréal Paris Faux Cils Papillon, featuring its first asymmetric-shaped brush to fan out and lengthen for dramatic false-lash butterfly effect. Now, get the dramatic eyes you’ve always wanted.

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